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  1. Hello rockers i am Madonna or Maddona lol … I sings Who s that girl ?
    You or Hillary ?
    Folks answers back ; Michael Jackson with his old bloody tampon …..
    Madonna said …hahaha Yes MJ s Tampon nose m\ Girly !!!!

    • Ohhhh What ??? I thought you sings for me Madonna ?
      But yes MJ is more an girly than me … hahaha

  2. I voted for Queen,; Band, Song, Album
    could not vote for The King of music
    Elvis Presley winner 2015 and 2016

  3. Now i agree of the idea from Trump s new wall its sound as the wall from MJs wall alblum .
    The wall calls ” MJ the fly on the wall .”

  4. Why not an shape of my old b**** on the wall ?
    My old b**** will keeps the illigy mexicans away from the USA . So scare !

  5. Still cannot vote for album. Neither can my friends. ELVIS is losing a lot of votes! Can MJ fans vote for his album??

  6. I tell ya, it’s them WACKO JACKO fans who’ve hacked into the site. They are a disgrace to their idol.

  7. Ohhh what is this ? Mj bow fan said that the EP fans are pervers and more evil things …… Ohhhh i am to distroyed my MJ cd s and his pictures off my wall ….. I dont liked the MJ fans anymore !!! I shame for MJ now ! I buy now Prince cd s forever !

    • What ? Hillary are you now wake up ! Wow My wife Hillary is healing in her minds WoW !!!!! Hillary i said al the times that Prince is an very beter artist was than MJ !!! Hurray for Hillary !

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  9. You need stop bad mouthing Prince little girl!!! Prince was 10 times the man MJ WAS!! Elvis is and always will be King girlie!!

  10. Why can’t we vote??? You need to fix your site!!! Elvis is King always & forever. Fix your poll already!!!!

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