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  1. Hello rockers i am Madonna or Maddona lol … I sings Who s that girl ?
    You or Hillary ?
    Folks answers back ; Michael Jackson with his old bloody tampon …..
    Madonna said …hahaha Yes MJ s Tampon nose m\ Girly !!!!

    • Ohhhh What ??? I thought you sings for me Madonna ?
      But yes MJ is more an girly than me … hahaha

  2. I voted for Queen,; Band, Song, Album
    could not vote for The King of music
    Elvis Presley winner 2015 and 2016

  3. Why can’t I vote for Elvis as King of music? I can vote for him in all other categories but not that one. I bet the MJ fans votes go through huh?

  4. Now i agree of the idea from Trump s new wall its sound as the wall from MJs wall alblum .
    The wall calls ” MJ the fly on the wall .”

  5. This is a dishonest sham against the fans of Elvis Presley in favor of grossly cheating for pedo Michael Jackson.

  6. Still cannot vote for album. Neither can my friends. ELVIS is losing a lot of votes! Can MJ fans vote for his album??

  7. Ohhh what is this ? Mj bow fan said that the EP fans are pervers and more evil things …… Ohhhh i am to distroyed my MJ cd s and his pictures off my wall ….. I dont liked the MJ fans anymore !!! I shame for MJ now ! I buy now Prince cd s forever !

    • What ? Hillary are you now wake up ! Wow My wife Hillary is healing in her minds WoW !!!!! Hillary i said al the times that Prince is an very beter artist was than MJ !!! Hurray for Hillary !

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