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  1. 304 weeks in the uk charts from 53 to 52
    still going strong
    No midget to be found

    Thriller at 165 in the Billboard 200
    The Essential Michael Jackson 28 whopping notches

    Michael is beating prince easy in the charts

    Michael is selling , prince isnt

    party over , vaults stay closed
    they cant rely on his death anymore
    they palyed their aces and it flopped big time
    Its over the midget

  2. Modern rock giants, Linkin Park have two top 19 albums in the US, while “Thriller” is at a lowly #165. It is selling peanuts. Michael McJackson is old news. Since Warner Brothers already signed a contract with Prince’s estate to release some vault material, Prince will soon be charting again. Everybody who would want “Purple Rain”, already owns a copy. It is no big deal that it was not a big seller. At least, Prince reentered the top 5 in 2017, which is more than can be said of McJackson. The years without another hit are piling up. lol.

    • Prince purple rain is a big flop
      3.5 weeks in the charts
      Michael has been in the charts for years

      He doesnt leave the charts

      Vaults stay closed

      I dont expect thriller after 3 times number one in 3 different years to be number 1 Again
      Best selling album of all time

  3. Ahhhhhh….update on the UK album chart has Michael McJackson’s “Number 58” falling a whopping 17 notches this week to be renamed “Number 75’s.” Sales are drip drop. Since Prince’s “Purple Rain” deluxe edition retails for $25, your argument is moot. McJackson’s entire catalogue is dirt cheap and he only has one top 75 CD on the charts. Things are not looking up for your gay idol, hammy. No one will be at his grave at Forest Lawn on what would have been his 59th birthday, August 29th. LOL.

  4. In fact the deluxe edition sold only 75.000 copies in the USA, so probably 120.000 worlwide in 4 weeks (including 14.000 in the Uk and 6000 in France).

    OMG thats a big flop

    • In the U.S., Thriller 25 was the second-best-selling album of its release week, selling 166,000 copies, 14,000 short of reaching the number one position. It was ineligible for the Billboard 200 chart as a re-release but entered the Pop Catalog Charts at number one (where it stayed for 10 non-consecutive weeks),[38] with the best sales on that chart since December 1996.[39][40][41] That November, Thriller 25 spent an 11th non-consecutive week atop the U.S. catalog chart. This brought U.S. sales of the album to 688,000 copies, making it the best-selling catalog album of 2008, eventually selling 1.2 million U.S. copies and three million shipments worldwide until Jackson’s death in June 2009.[42][43] This was Jackson’s best launch since Invincible in 2001

      • And yet, Sony cancelled the planned “Dangerous 25” reissue in 2016, 8 years later. Hey hammy, “Thriller 25” was absolute crap. Of course, you are talking the past. That was then, this is now. McJackson’s sales today are at all time lows. Eye laugh.

  5. You are obviously in denial that your idol has ruined his legacy by his eye burning nasty deeds. Of course, eye am not the world, dummy. You seem miserable. Michael McJackson has fallen along the wayside in death. When was his last #1 pop single and when was the last time he has had a #1 album for more than one full week?

    It has been over two decades.

    Give me a challenge, birdbrain. Your beak is damaged from pecking on hard rock and concrete. Yet, your twisted neck still bobbles.

  6. Of course, the whole world knows what dirty deeds Michael McJackson has done, but hammy claims that they are made up in my own head. Give me a challenge, birdbrain.

  7. Hammy obviously won’t check out the pics of Michael, Scotty and Mr Liberace on the internet. The three lovebirds had a few gay orgies together in the early eighties, but hammy thinks eye am making it up. Scott was Liberace’s boyfriend and has admitted on camera that he had passionate sex with Michael McJackson many times in secret hotel rooms around the world. Liberace did not seem to mind ’cause he was in out the action too. Eye laugh. You either know nothing about your gay idol, or are in deep denial. Eye think that it is the second choice. You are in deep denial of your own sexuality as well. Of course, keep looking the other way. You are laughable.

  8. Ewwwwww….calling Prince a cawk sucker is kinda ripe coming from a fanatic of Michael McJackson, who sucked Liberace’s old meat stick before moving on to boys. Eye laugh. You have no brain living inside your odd shaped skull.

    • those dirty fantasies are all in your head

      it will go away when u start taking your medicine

  9. Michael McJackson was a parasite. Of course, billions of people around the world are still glad he is dead. We can thank Dr Conrad Murray for his excellent bug killing skills.

  10. MJ s Thriller alternate alblim !
    “” Driller “”
    Side a;
    1. Wanna be fucking sometimes …. with doll s…
    2. Baby over the balkoney by me …
    3. The drill is mine dick …..
    4. Driller ….
    Side B:
    5. Eat it … shit with chicken …
    6. Billy Clinton … Under my desk ….
    7. Human distroyed my nose …
    8. Pretty young dick …
    9. The lady is me ….

    This an very danger album for normal people , onley for MJ pedo fans

  11. The alterante Excape album !
    “” Excape out the tree “”
    Side A ;
    1. Hates felts never so good…
    2. Dubai …
    3. Loving Nose ….
    4. A place with no sex ….[ behind his secret door ]
    5. Slave without the Pain Rhyhtm …..
    Side B;
    6. Do you know where i used youre children ? ….[ Pedo MJ]
    7. Grey pedo Gansta….
    8. Excape out my condom…
    9. Gay Excape …..
    10 Loves never so good with my Libarace … s doll

  12. MJs New alternate album !
    “” Bad – Nose “”
    Side A;
    1. Bad – Nose ….
    2. The Way you makes me a Clown …
    3. Speed Demoroll….
    4. Baebie Girl …
    5. Just Sex Friends …[ duet with Libarace ]
    Side B:
    6. Another Part of nose for me …
    7. Bad nose in the Mirror …
    8. I just cant stop sex wth you, my doll …
    9. Clean Diana …. [ a sex doll ]
    10. Pedo Criminal …

  13. MJ s new discovered album !
    “” Speed Nose Demon “”
    Side A ;
    1. I scream as an demon …..
    2. Tweed Nose ….
    3. Running with demoroll in my nose …..
    4. As an Rabbit with an root in my ass ….
    5. Demon in the Mirror ….
    Side B :
    6. My hair is gone by fire …. I used now rabbit hair …
    7. Little Susie was my rabbit doll….
    8. My nose is made from an rabbit s nose …..
    9. Speedy Conzaliz was me … but than in an slow version ..
    10. Cartoon pigs hunting for me …..

  14. Hey hammy….eye know that this burns you up, but pure virgin vinyl is expensive. Prince’s “The Black Album” $15,000, while Michael McJackson’s entire catalogue is worthless. Of course, Sony is known for quality lapses on Michael McJackson’s cheap clearance bin CD’s. Quincy Jones won his lawsuit against the Michael McJackson estate. Looks like they have to pay yet again.

    Gee, when will they finally stop getting sued?

    Ahhhhhhhhh…..Michael McJackson screwed over many, many victims and has to pay billions of dollars in back taxes to the IRS.


    • i remember last March Michael was done
      Nothing happened
      it al happened in your head
      Take your pills
      medicine will also help u to see that purple pain was a flop and will be in the budget store this year
      stop guessing and come with facts

      its not good all the michael press it will keep him in the charts year after year

      it will not happen to prince he isnt famous


      • That is because the trial against MJJ Productions was moved up a year, dumbo. God, you are stupid. Michael McJackson on the bottom of the charts with clearance bin material is selling drip drop. Sales are terrible. Jay Z going platinum in less than a week is real sales. You need to tale your mads, hammy. Michael McJackson is old news, surpassed by almost every artist today. Ahhhhhhh….he should have worked on cutting albums or playing concerts instead of romancing his little boyfriends.

        You are as gay as the dead woodpecker was. He danced in the mirror as nude as a jaybird too.

        • 50 is not the bottom
          two years ago u said the same thing about Michael in the charts
          he is still there
          cocksucker isnt

          michael isnt old news u talk about him dailey

          its all in your head – take your medicine – lady red light

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