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  1. Hi i am Michael Fartson [ MJ ] and if i fart now than i smells as rotten peanuts with beans …
    Oooops looks out now i most fart hardley now …..FARTTTTTTTTttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think an roasted peanut , because his image was so peanut with beans and a string around his dick !

      • Michael McJackson liked roasting little nuts and stringing their beans. Hey TCB, isn’t hammy a nut bag?

  2. Michael McJackson is not selling much, especially when he has unopened titles of rinky dink clearance bin items like “Thriller” and “Number 75’s” cramped in and packed tight for only the price of gumballs at various Salvation Army stores in the US. The dead woodpecker is worthless, just in time for his lonely Jehovah birthday party on August 29th. Of course, his estate has been ordered to pay Quincy Jones and other victims of the thief that stole so many innocent souls and young bodies. Eye laugh. Prince’s new limited edition “Purple Rain” is for intelligent music collectors that know genius is quality, not the lazy work of a beaten puppet like Michael McJackson. Was he a scarecrow, a woodpecker, a hand puppet, a punching bag, or simply a crying little clown?

    • how is tiny selling
      lol ha ha
      attacking the king when tiny has to die to have a hit album
      they cant rely on purple pain and on his aids death that means party over out of the charts

      those jazz songs say in the vaults

      its gonna take a long to hit the 106 million

      he is not in the charts – not selling

    • Yet the update UK charts claims “Number 61’s” was #75 last week. You are a barrel of laughs, hammy. Michael McJackson is sold really cheap, you would expect he would have more titles on the charts. Oops….

      Yep, #42 is something to brag about, especially since it dips down a whopping 19 notches in a week. Your gay idol is still selling peanuts. Eye laugh. In the US, “Thriller” is a lowly #126.

      • I laugh
        Prince is not in the charts
        Again u look stupid
        42 58 artist behind bij
        CHARTS means selling

  3. The putrid stink of decaying flesh
    The worms with legs bite
    The rotten egg gravy leaking out
    It is the dead corpse of Michael Jackson
    Bloating gasses underneath disgusting skin
    Lurking eyes in the endless darkness of the tomb
    The mold on his death pillow
    His long finger nails,
    His twisted fungus toes curling,
    His mouth wide open in a silent scream
    Walking side by side with death
    Satan laughs as Michael Jackson’s soul burns
    His severed head in his claws….

  4. Thriller was actually a good video areon i have nothing against jacksons talent and i wont deny how gifted he was ny probloem is when they start comparing him to elvis because elvis was obviously better

  5. Jackson was a beastly animal. I’m certainly glad he is dead. His poor victims and what they’ve went through was absolutely terrible.

    • MJ brought badness on this world.
      With Videos like Thriller ….
      His smile was only fake.
      And his “goodness” too.
      He can only kids cozen !

  6. Lp s sales here for 1 dollar … and it smells BAD so Bad !!
    MJ s LPs and cd s sales never anymore .. onley as rotten eggs for his fans !!!
    So Bad So rotten realy realy Sad !!! A new hit

  7. What an smell here in the record shop , i ask to the company holder , hey guy where comes that stink from ?
    He answers ; Oh that smell is from the MJ covers , its to old rusty , its never sales today !
    Ha ha ha i called the Skunk on the cover !
    The employer said MJ the skunk of music ! Eeeeewww what a stink !

  8. MJ s his new single …
    Side A ;
    1. Fart out my nose …
    2. Fart is healing the world …
    Side B :
    3. Scarecrow s fart was me …
    4. Bad so Fart …

  9. MJ s best hit is mabey in the meadow as an scarecrow that farts the whole day s Fart is his hobby ! MJ was there fart fart fart was his hit in the meadow as scarecrow ! Eeeuuww what an smell in the air …. yes MJ was there in the meadow !

    • Yep i ride om my bicycle along the meadow s and i smell s indeed an fart here .
      Oh is that MJ ? I though yes so wors as MJ s fart cant be wrong… hahahaha

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