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  1. Elvis only got beat by only 35 units, but he did land #1 on the physical album charts. McJackson’s “Number 43’s” certainly did not get anywhere close to the real king. That must burn your little gay heart to billions of pieces, hammy. Eye know it bothers you. Wipe your flowing tears from your eyelids. Here, blow your snot encrusted honker. Close you little eyes and lay your head down. Try not to think about Michael McJackson’s failures and just relax. Count sheep. Feel better?

    Ahhhhhhh… eye rubbing your fragile little face into the dirt?

    Your pimpled tongue can certainly put up every little grain of sand. Ahhhhhhh….your eyes are burning red. You should use some eye drops. Here, it is on the house. lol.

  2. Michael McJackson should know about having 30 flops. He was the lead singer of the McJackson 5. You know, the group that never had one #1 album on the pop charts. See, they could not play Jazz. They did dated disco, but McJackson left his brothers after he had his first #1 with “Thriller” in 1983. It took Michael McJackson 15 long years to finally get a #1 album. Eye laugh.

    You are definitely so re re re re retarded. Do you lick your drool off your own sticky chin with your lizard tongue?

  3. Who says that eye am an Elvis fan?

    Sorry, eye do not own any of his albums. Eye just think truth is better than lies. You stop lying, hammy. McJackson’s “One More Chance” “Break Of Dawn” “You Rock My World” and “Ben” (live) certainly were not #1 hits anywhere. So why are they on the collection that claims they are number ones?

    Your gay idol was stuck up on himself and he lied to make himself feel better because he knew he wasn’t the king. It pleases me to no end, knowing that your idol could not sleep at night and died nude in his own bodily fluids as Dr Conrad Murray pounded on his dead heart to no avail. lol.

    • one more chance was especialy recorded for this album – please check first before your stupid comments

      you rock my world went number one in 5 countries

      i am not gonna talk about this album anymore

      done talking to that lying scumbag-

  4. eath song – number one spain

    com e with facts not what is in your head ( u gotta listen now or we gonna talk more about the family fucker )

    it says 18 number ones – not 18 us number onesor 18 uk number ones

    get your glasses – old fart

    stop lying

    u r the most stupid elvis fan i have seen on here

  5. MJ and Joan Jett duet ! An new single !
    Side a ;
    1. Ohh take my pussy MJ ?…..
    2. Ooopps MJ i have an dick …..[ sings Joan Jett ]
    3. I hate my self …..[ Joan and MJ togheter ]
    4. Dirty deeds with Diana … [ duet ]
    5. We are the trangenders … [ duet ]

  6. Well, the new chart shows Elvis @ #2, but Michael McJackson @ a lowly #42. Prince’s “Purple Rain” is still on the vinyl album charts, while not one McJackson album can be found. That’s because McJackson can only be sold as mass produced, cheap and overstocked. Elvis is creaming your self proclaimed “king.” Hey hammy, how can McJackson call an album “Number Ones” when not all of the tracks were actually #1’s?

    McJackson’s single “One More Chance” single and video bombed badly.

    That dead woodpecker lied constantly. Did his nose grow like the wooden puppet, Pinocchio?

    • u gotta come with proof
      what is in your head is not proof

      dont just say stupid stuff , back it up

      • 5 songs off of “Number Ones” never hit #1 anywhere on planet earth. Michael McJackson’s wooden puppet nose still grows in his filthy casket. The woodpecker was such a lying turd. Of course, Michael McJackson only achieved a lowly 13 number songs in his pathetic lifetime. “Earth Song” was only a hit in Europe in 1995, over 22 years ago. Turning a 3 into an 8 does not make the facts change. You are a stupid little pansy like your gay idol, aren’t cha, hammy?

        Oops….Elvis has a CD called “30 #1 Hits” that was not compiled by him because he was dead for 25 years when they put the CD out. Of course, the bonus song was “A Little Less Conversation” which was yet another #1 for the king in 2002. 31 number ones certainly beats 13, dumbo. Eye laugh. Prince has 27 number one international hits on his own, plus number one songs covered by other artists. Do you ever get tied of being a foolish clown for the dead woodpecker?

        • prince doesnt have a cd with 30 number one hits

          u dont wanna talk about prince doncha …. ha ha

          doesnt prince have 30 albums that didnt went gold lol
          prince – 30 flops- ( probably 40 flops )

  7. You are never interested in Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac, Abba, Queen, Pink Floyd or Adele. It is because all of them have albums that are selling more than Michael McJackson’s “Thriller.”

    In your theory, if you look the other way, it never happened. But oops…it did. Michael McJackson has been defeated. Eye laugh.

    • people listen to music because they like , they dont listen because it sells .

      all those artist sold more than prince but not like the billion selling artist M.J

      damn stop posting, u look so stupid.

      thriller is still in the charts- how about 34 time platinum in the future

      75 min till uk charts- prince isnt in it – doesnt sell

      • Your dizzy brain must still be on constant rewind because the only artists in history that have reached the billions club are Elvis and The Beatles. You must believe the “Bille Jean” theory that a lie can become the truth if you keep repeating it like a broken record. In reality, Michael McJackson is lucky to have sold 250 million, and even that is an inflated estimate. Of course, eye remember your own link showing Elvis as the top selling male solo act @ #2 with the group, The Beatles at the top. Michael McJackson was like #8. He could not even beat Madonna. Since Elvis and The Beatles are still selling millions, both had #1 albums in 2017, both been awarded new platinum albums, its most likely not going to change anytime soon. Michael McJackson can barely go gold, SO he will never sell a billion, when Elvis and The Beatles are heading for two, three or four billion. Eye laugh. Do you ever get tired of repeating the same old lies?

        The new chart will show Elvis at #1. Where will McJackson be, #47?

        Eye laugh.

  8. Prince has reached #1 in the year of his death,

    wow he did

    wow he died and he had a hit record

    that is all u v could write about prince ( is that why u need elvis )

    if that is all u could do , just leave u r a loser

    prince is a nobody 52 records – 5 number ones – 105 million sold – half of his albums didnt go gold – a lot never hits charts
    u better leave – this is below average – leave .

    prince,org – read about the budget stores – bargain bins lol

    ha ha ha

    • Prince had a string of charted hit albums when he died. You just won’t admit it because Prince sold 5 million albums, just one day after his death in April, 2016. McJackson has not appeared in the top 10 since 2014. You are just full of bitterness, hatred and flat out lies. You must think we are gullible. McJackson has a lot of releases that failed to even go gold. In fact, no McJackson 5, early solo McJackson or The McJackson’s ever hit the Billboard 200. You already know this.

      Make me leave and make me stop telling the truth. Eye refuse.

      • how did prince do after his death

        when does any of the 52 tiny albums RE eneter the charts

        you cant rely on his death anymore – wb cant either – big problem

        prince isnt famous

        guess who is in the uk charts

        prince sold when he died thats why he went from 100 to 105
        a lot of artist sell when they die – chuck berry – bb king and many more

        • Chuck Berry sold when he died?

          At least he briefly charted something. Elvis and Glen Campbell are burning up the charts and only Campbell made it to 81 years of age. Chuck was 90. His new album sunk off the charts faster than the Titanic. Michael McJackson has one cheap bargain bin cd on the charts @ #47, while Elvis tops the charts. Eye guess McJackson was again denied a birthday this year as well. Don:tcha worry about Prince, hammy. He will soon return to the charts. You must learn not to count all the chickens before they hatch, especially when Elvis skyrockets to the top out of nowhere to earn yet another #1. Time changes everything, doesn’t it?

          Where is Michael McJackson?

          It is Glen Campbell who gets to be high on the charts with Elvis. I’ve read that the two were friends.

  9. Let’s face the real facts shall we?

    Michael McJackson has been beaten like a tortured slave, while like Elvis, Prince joins the truly legendary greats that will be remembered 4Ever, as Prince’s latest and newest hit collection claims. Prince has reached #1 in the year of his death, so you seem to automatically ignore that for drip drop sales of Michael McJackson. It is like counting peanut shells and trading them in for gold nuggets. Only a re re re retard would ever be that dumb, crazy or brain dead. Of course, “Number 47’s” will probably sink another whopping 20 notches yet again. Meanwhile, Elvis just made the record books, beating only himself. Your scrawny gay idol has even newer artists that have surpassed him like Adele, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Jay Z. McJackson’s disgusting accusations have been worldwide news since the dark days of 1993, nearly 25 long years ago. Nothing has changed. In fact, your gay idol has even a worse reputation today now that he is 8 years dead and rotting. His CD’s pack the bargain bins, his name still means dirt, plus he is banished on pop radio worldwide. You can continue telling yourself otherwise, the result is still going to be the same. Low sales like R Kelly and Gary Glitter. Grasping at straws is obviously getting you nowhere. Who’s forgotten, disgraced and tarnished again?

    Not Elvis or Prince, that is for certain. Eye can not stop laughing harder and harder @ your stupidity. You must be delusional. lt is definitely time you seek a medical professional for your continuous mental breakdowns. McJackson’s victims told on him ages ago and he sure is not ever going to be vindicated. Ahhhhhhhhh… come those lip quivering tears. Sniff.

    • We check the charts friday
      Lets see how prince his latest record is doing?

      I am not interested in abba fleetwood Mac bob marley

      U need them i dont

      Vaults stay closed

  10. Prince is going up in respect and his albums are generally regarded as masterpieces to quality minded music lovers. However, McJackson’s stock is sharply falling in recent years. Elvis is doing very well, which surprises me. The more eye learn, the more impressive Elvis becomes. Wow, 3 #1 albums in the past 3 years, candlelight vigils, honors, awards and new platinum albums, 40 years in the grave.

    He is as big if not bigger than The Beatles.

    • Its good to see you turn in to an Elvis fan. Family fucker sucked big time.
      Friday new charts UK

  11. Michael McJackson hit #1 years after he died?

    When did this happen?

    You are certainly reading too many inflated claims on McJackson fan sites, hammy. Michael McJackson lied, his estate lies and his dopey fans repeat laughable fabrications like McJackson selling a billion when he can not even get past gold certifaction. See, somehow, you seem to forget that “The Very Best Of Prince” skyrocketed to the top at the very wake of his death in 2016 and that Prince now holds the record for the most charted CD’s on Billboard. Of course, eye will admit that Elvis is performing way better than expected and definitely much better than eye ever thought he would. Michael McJackson has failed miserably and can not outsell any big act. Maybe McJackson sells more than Gary Glitter?

    That clown needs more positive news and some serious damage control. Sony spent millions, but was only rewarded with lowly gold.


  12. Hi Red Lady i haved good news for you .
    See ,on the side : American express essential ; The 57 most influential Albums of all time !
    On number 1 ; ELVIS PRESLEY from 1956
    And PRINCE on number 28 , Sign o on the Time s 1987 !
    And MJ 34 Dangerous . See Red Lady PRINCE above MJ s albums, hurray for oure PRINCE !!!!

  13. Yes my red Lady Prince beat MJ away and Lisa hmmm… she looks likes a cousin of Libarace
    And Prince pus MJ from off the stage , and MJ fall on his nose again !!

  14. It is so true. Elvis had 3 #1 albums in a row from 2015-2017. Wow. It is like he is still alive and still young and hot. Only it is not 1957, but 2017. Eye must admit, that is pretty legendary. No wonder Prince wanted to be just like Elvis.

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