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  1. Yeah, TCB….Joseph hit Michael McJackson with a whipping stick. His crying little puppet was forced to sing and dance. Like an abused animal, McJackson shook with fear when daddy dearest walked into the room. Michael McJackson got beat up quite often. Mean old Joseph bit down on his sweaty skin as McJackson screamed in brutalizing, intense pain. Joseph got on top of his puppet and crushed his little body into the hard wooden mattress. lol.

    • And ELVIS sings on the radio if MJ was hit from his fahter s stick “” Its so funny a times slips away “” O ye !!!


    Most weeks on the chart
    Most #1 singles
    Most top 10 singles
    Most #1 albums
    Most top 10 albums
    Most #2 albums (male solo)
    Most top 40 albums
    Most weeks at #1 singles
    Most weeks at #1 albums

    63 years of chart hits, record breaker for longest reign of #1’s from 1954 to 2017. The KING wins….ELVIS PRESLEY.

  3. Hammy is still reading, but ran away and had a little hissy fit because McJackson is being run into the ground. Ahhhhhh…the tears. lol.

  4. Hi Ha Ho children hi i MJ here , come we celerbrations in my sleeping bed and we do the diapers on and we do the boohoo came hi ha ho !
    Hi kiddy kids here is ungle Michael under you re bed bhoooo hooo …. i the greapy nose man ….
    Happy birthday to you MJ sings all the children in bed of MJ . Now 1 last came we do with my old stick sings MJ to the kids in his bed .
    All children screams as never before , and the history was born , next day MJ s bad pedo image was born .
    Hurray Hurray MJ s image is destroyed on his birthday !

  5. MJ bow hell fan here loves the same crime what MJ did , he most to arest it by the man in uniform now !
    MJ bow fan i want to warning you now , the FBI is ring on youre door today ! He found youre secret dirty door today !
    And go to the doktor , Bow for DR. Murray he is the hero Hahahahaha Sleep well in the hell !!!!!!

  6. Oh, you ferocious pelvis fans with your delusional lies and inflated campaigns to put the pelvis ahead of our sweet baby, Michael Joseph Jackson. Sorry pelvis fans, Michael has destroyed your disgraceful hero that beat priscilla and enslaved her in his mansion in the sixties to the eighties. Michael spoke the truth about how pelvis stole from artists of color by taking credit for writhing their songs and telling the media that blacks are only good for shining his shoes. The midget prince was just as atrocious as your terrible idol. It was Mr Michael Joseph Jackson that changed the world for the better with his fantastic dance steps. Trivia: Michael invented the moonwalk in 1982 and was the first African American artist on MTV. Because of his love for children, people of all ages gained the right to love, despite age, color or creed. Michael freely took a child to his bed and love bought happiness to everyone involved. Remember, Michael believed it was his right to love any person. He comforted his friends, while your vicious men abused their lovers with an iron fist. Like that pelvis animal, prince beat women with regularity. You beasts should be ashamed of yourselves. Happy birthday to the one and only KING of pop, rock, r&b, soul and dance, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. Haterz be gone, fools. How dare you disrespect our sweet baby, Michael. Now you old folks get on your knees. Start begging the KING for forgiveness !!!!

    • Wow ! What a speak hahahahaha are you the family of Jacky s fhater Johsef , hit him with a stick and little MJ was crying LOL And you support an pedo ? Criminal you co to hell as the same as MJ !
      Check out on YouTube , Orgin of the Moonwalk , MJ stoled it from them , it was exsist then MJ was not born hahahaha . On youre knees and pray next to the grave of MJ in Forrest Law and smell on his coffin what an crime and shame of rotten soul , thats the stink from hell !!! Evil MJ fan as the same as MJ the f*ck hell pedo dancer !!

    • Lies on Wacko are not sticking anymore. When will you blind Wacko Jacko fanatics finally give up?

      Sorry, but I am certainly not going to bow for the long deceased birthday creep. What a disgusting clown he was.

    • Uhhh MJ is sleeping in his new home .
      The adress is Forrest Hill , a small house and he is sleeps all the days long ….lol

  7. Lol. Hammy would just love to break into Michael McJackson’s musky tomb and crack open his filthy casket to stare at his ugly corpse. By now, all the maggots and worms have eaten all the crawling flesh on the scarecrow and all what’s left of him is dust and bones. Hammy would probably try and remove the skeleton and try to get it to dance or something. Do you think the glue holding its mouth shut, dried up, and now its jaw is open in a silent scream?

    Ahhhhhh….how close it is to the clown’s lonely 59th birthday. Do you think McJackson has enough air in his bug infested chest cavity to blow out the candles?

  8. Btw, TCB….not only has Elvis still have a top #3 album on the UK album chart, Elvis has also re charted on Billboard’s top country album charts in the US this week. He climbs a whopping 13 notches from #40 to #27 with the smash hit CD, “30 #1 Hits.” According to Billboard, it is the biggest gainer of the week. In other news, more bad reports on Michael McJackson’s pathetically lonely birthday as “Thriller” nosedives a whopping 20 notches from an already low #154 to a tear inducing #174 on the Billboard 200, which is again rock bottom for the dead woodpecker. Of course, hammy is currently sleeping under the stars at Forest Lawn, waiting, crying, hoping.

    Ahhhhh….do you think hammy is recreating the sex scene of “Broke Back Mountain” inside his pup tent with a new “special” friend?

    I would bet my hard earned dollar that it is steaming hot inside the lovebird’s sleeping bag. Hammy’s nude bod is so sweaty and clammy. It is just like the first time Michael and Scott made passionate love under the stars, while Liberace watched with popping, smacking lips. lol.

    • Hey Red Lady i think that Hammy also opened the coffin of MJ and he used the skeletons body in his tent as an fuck body !
      He used MJ s dead body for a ride in a roller coast “” Yeaaaa ,lol

  9. The only motorcycle that weak little clown could pick up was a Big Wheel. He certainly could not ride on top of one without blowing away, that’s for sure. Hammy is on vacation to Forest Lawn?

    Of course, Michael McJackson’s dead corpse is locked up tighter than Fort Knox. I can imagine hammy setting a pup tent up in front of his lonely tomb. Did he see the solar eclipse as the grasshoppers sprung out of the grass?

  10. Hammy is gone on hollyday Red Lady i think ?
    Mabey is Hammy on vacation , and he enjoyed in Forrest Lawn , and tonight he is sleeping in his tent next of MJs crave !!! lol

  11. On the new update charts, Elvis is #3 and Michael McJackson drops from a lowly #47 to #51. lol.

    Of course, it is sooooooo amusing to rub it in your bitter little face, hammy. Yes, Prince is currently off the charts, but then again, he is not sold in the clearance bins like Michael McJackson. Hey TCB….hammy wants us to come up with facts, but when we do, he ignores them. It is not positive news on McJackson so it never happened. Do you have a tattoo of your face on the back of your spinning bald head so you will always have two faces?

    Which face has the corny cob stuck in its twisted little mouth?

    • Michael Jacksnot Who ?
      PRINCE thats the man in the 80 s to now and forever , my Red Lady !!!
      The Cover with Purple Rain on his motorcycle is so great , Red Lady see you MJ was sitting on a motorbike hahahaha that motor is to heavy for tinny Mc Jackson !!

  12. The best Boyband of all time is “” The Backstreet Boys “” And they sold more than 130 Million record !!!
    No Jackson 5 in the top 10 of the best boybands top 10 !

  13. In 2012 the jackson 5 had sold `100 million records
    they didnt need 50 records to do so
    so it now must be around 105 million records sold

    • In the Netherlands there is an band “” BZN “” and they are the best music group in that country.
      BZN sold in a country with 14 Million people , so 15 Million Records !!!
      See in every home haved 1 record of BZN !!!

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