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  1. Actually, Michael McJackson’s ‘Scream” debuts at a very disappointing #9 in the UK, which is 5 whopping notches down then they predicted. Ahhhhhhhh….the tears of the toad. Hey hammy….where are you hiding?

    Eye seem to remember your criticism about the deluxe package of Prince’s “Purple Rain” only going to #4. Oops, hammy has selective memory in his lowly little brain. Sony is definitely disappointed that Michael McJackson has again, FAILED posthumously. The remix of the song, “Thriller” is absolutely horrible. It ruins the song. Of course, your dead hero, Michael McJackson is rotating in his filthy casket at Forest Lawn. The worms have returned to chew the scarecrow’s bones. I bet he continues to “scream” from the great beyond. lol.

    • You awful woman. Jealousy is the root of all evil. How dare you speak this way about the king, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson! You will pay the price for your dangerous, disgusting lies!

      Do you know that the powerful Michael Jackson estate will most likely sue you pathetic worms for slander, so shut your foolish mouth, you fat b*tch.

      How DARE you!!!!

      • Hey fuck face do handled womans as dirty astrays ? Haved respect for my Red Lady bow ass fan ! MJ was an worm in music nothing more than as a clown !
        MJ was famouse to thanks from his older brothers in the Jackson 5 , he never will famouse in the beginning as an solo artist without his Jackson 5 brothers ! MJ was more an laugh with an pi mouse voice via in his computer singing ! Fat pig dumbase !

      • Come to me and say it to my face, you piece of snake in the grass. Just ran you over with a lawnmower. Chop, chop, chop….you McJackson clowns make me laugh. You can not slander the dead. you moron.

  2. Update UK charts….Michael McJackson FAILS once again to go #1 with his new posthumous Halloween special, “Scream.” Instead it debuts at a very disappointing #4. Elvis easily beat him and so did The Beatles. Boo hoo….where are you, hammy?

    Ahhhhhh….the hot tears running down his flushed little cheeks. Blow the snot out of your impacted honker, sad eyes. lol.

  3. Did hammy commit suicide of the failure of Michael McJackson?

    Scream, hammy scream.

  4. ….army of lovers best singer,has best voice not like fredy merxury,miceal pedophile,pelvis presley,crackney houston,fuckpac or fatriah carey!!!best selling band way more than picktless!!!!!! Army of lovers king of pop and pedophile jacko loser,follow me on instagram @army_of_lovers_….bye

  5. Didn’t you tell us a few times that you drive trucks for a living?

    A neighbor of mine also drives trucks. She has been with the same trucking company for years. She has a young daughter that lives with her daddy because she is on the road a lot. Hmmmmmmm….it looks like hammy has finally decided to stay away from this forum after being severely beaten down. Ahhhhhh….he could dish it out, but could not handle the backlash. Ahhhhh….poor baby. So weak…

    • Hammy has lost the right way and is lost on the highway route 666 ! The Route to hell – Neverland !

  6. Hey Red Lady i saw an picture of an truck with the letters “” The Red Lady “” on the front of that red truck !

    • That is because eye am quite famous in Holland and all over the world. They are naming their trucks after me. Are you a truck driving workaholic, TCB?

      I actually bought a “Little Red Corvette” in 2015 that was transported from another state. It was shipped to me right from the factory. Hey TCB, did Elvis like corvette stingrays?

      • I haved soon a new job for the first time as Truckdriver , My Lady !
        4 months ago i haved an Truckdrivers licentie extracted !
        Red Lady i loved that name !!! And i used than number-plate ELVIS on my desboard and i will Hunk Hunk !!!

    • Eye am interested in Elvis. What made the man tick?

      Of course, hammy is hiding and has run off with his thick snake like tail in between his two little toothpick sizes legs. What a cowardly worm he was. Neverland is being demolished to make room for a strip mall and a McDonald’s. Hey TCB, when was the last time you had a Big Mac, supersized the crispy fries and ordered a refreshing Coke A Cola?

  7. Ahhhhhhh….this laughable site was developed by hateful McJackson fanatics that can not stand to see ELNIS win KOM again. It does not take much to figure out that they did something to that forum so people could no longer vote for ELVIS. It was probably that jealous weasel, hammy or perhaps it was Miss Dracula from Romania. We have to laugh @ how these dizzy parasites operate. What sore losers.

    Prince destroys your dead woodpecker. Lol.

  8. Yes, Michael McJackson’s dead birthday came and went, and no one cares. Gee, eye wonder why?

    Hey, TCB, do you think that disgusting scarecrow let out one last scream in his moldy casket?

  9. Hey TCB, just found out that desperate Sony is releasing a so called new album by McJackson on September 29th, hoping to get some scary Halloween sales from “Scream.” What is hilarious is not one single song is new, Oops….looks like they could not dig up anything from the vaults without using an impersonator to record the vocals. It shall be interesting to see if Wacko can beat Taylor Swift in the battle for fall sales. Hammy is still hiding. Ahhhhhhhh….was it something I said?

      • The new posthumous Sony rip off album is coming out September 29th. It is basically “Blood On The Dance Floor” with some McJacksons brothers tracks and other odds and ends. All the material has been previously released before, except one remix track. Frankly, it is definitely not good value for McJackson’s dwindling fan base. Just found out that Prince’s “When Doves Cry” was the top selling song of the year in 1984. (claps hands and laughs)

  10. By the colour PURPLE than knows the most people who that man was “” PRINCE “” ofcourse !!!!
    And that man with the fantastic 80s movie PURPLE RAIN !!!
    Prince has the best Music clips and he was the best music art of the 80 s 90 s to now !!!

  11. Red Lady hello !
    Yes MJ s birthday was never found ? I dont know what his birtday was , as the most people dont know ?
    Was MJ born ? LOL

  12. Oops….that is a long holiday for hammy. He usually is not gone this long, but he probably has come to the conclusion that Michael McJackson never was and never will be king of anything. Eye can not stop laughing at the poor chart performance of “Number 51’s” on the UK album charts, while Elvis is still #6, a good 3 weeks after August 16th. Michael McJackson’s 59th birthday came and went with NO presents or massive gain in sales. Ahhhhhhh….the tears. Hey TCB, Elvis can be dead over 40 yrs and command a spike up the charts, but McJackson dips another 4 whopping notches. Do you think he cried on his moldy death pillow or do you think his tear ducts have dried out as much as his dead legacy?

    Eye laugh. Hammy is too humiliated to show his sad face around here again. It looks like a big win for me and Prince.

  13. The devil’s sex toy, Michael Jackson had a birthday and no one showed up. Stay dead, you disgusting creep.

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