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  1. Hooray for KING Michael, who earns his 30th charted album with “Scream.” According to Billboard, Sony and the Jackson estate, KING Michael has just beaten pelvis. You fools bow to the real KING. Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. Say goodbye to the white devils of the Jim Crow era of white swivel hips. Congrats to all dear Michael Jackson fans for making it all possible. THANK YOU!!!!!

    KING Michael has defeated midget prince, the pervy pelv and the boring beetles. We have cracked their shells and now those screaming bugs are being crushed by KING Michael’s heel. The world celebrates the return of the one and on;y KING, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson!!!!!!

  2. Hey hammy, Prince’s “Purple Rain” was #1 in New Zealand as well, but unlike “Scream”, it hit the top 5 worldwide. Michael McJackson can barely break out of the top 30 in France. “Scream”is still a low selling failure, going for a bargain price of $6.99 with his Sony promoted junk. The scary monster is still frightening the kiddies as they hide under their blankets. Do you still dance in the raw to the dated beats of that horrible butchered, dancing clown?

    If you are older than 12, you are over the hill according to Michael McJackson. It looks like your gay hero has tanked once again. Elvis and The Beatles are easily destroying him in record breaking sales and platinum selling #1’s. lol.

    • New Zealand: NZ Top 40 Albums Chart 3 Jul. 2017 29 1

      purple rain deluxe highest position 29

      weeks in charts 1

      purple rain deluxe didnt chart in a lot of countries

      it didnt go to number one in any country

      Michael had a number one record prince didnt

      again u look stupid

      • Actually, as a deluxe edition, “Purple Rain” did chart quite high. The album is 5x platinum in New Zealand alone. Nevertheless, it was an easy google and the chart performances for “Purple Rain” in both 2016 and 2017 are documented. It did much better than Michael McJackson’s “Scream.” Eye know that in New Zealand it went number one but that information was revamped as it sometimes is on Wiki. Of course, it does not matter much because “Purple Rain” re-charted in 2 different years, 2016 and 2017.


        Aria Australian #5
        Italian #42
        UK #4
        US Billboard #2


        Australian #9
        Dutch #3
        Italian #13
        US Billboard #4
        UK #7

        Eye do not have to lie about Prince, hammy. lol.

        • totally crap lies lies lies
          u made those up
          my information didnt come from wiki
          it came from prince websites

          due to lack of sales there will be no album for Christmas

          this is the reason why people leave this site lies lies lies

          miss ass juice u made a fool of yourself again

  3. Hammy lies through his own buck teeth. Of course, the deluxe version of “Christmas With Elvis And The RPO” has not been cancelled. Maybe, you are thinking about Michael McJackson’s “Dangerous 25”, which was cancelled by Sony because they found that McJackson failed to complete the unreleased tracks from the vault, and would need to hire an impersonator once more to do the vocals. Instead, thinking that Halloween is like Christmas, came up with “Scream.” Too bad it contains nothing new and is barely selling. The deluxe version of “Purple Rain” did much better, and at least contained unreleased material. But we all know that it is a three way race with McJackson, Presley and The Beatles. So far, Elvis and The Beatles can still go #1 and get awarded platinum. The best McJackson can do is gold in 2014, which was over 3 years ago.

    Hey hammy, do you still dance nude in the mirror to Michael McJackson’s “Beat It, Billy And Gene?”

  4. Michael McJackson’s “Scream” entered at #28 in France, selling 3300 copies. Oh how far the dead clown has fallen. Lol.

  5. The UK charts has Michael McJackson’ s pathetic “Scream” album falling a whopping 21 notches from #9 to #30 in only its 2nd week.


    It looks like things are dire for the dead scarecrow. Sales are indeed dismal. Hey hammy, where are you?

  6. The Top 25 Best Selling Artists Of All Time

    1. The Beatles
    2. Elvis Presley
    3. Michael Jackson
    4. Madonna
    5. Elton John
    6. Led Zeppelin
    7. Pink Floyd
    8. Rihanna
    9. Mariah Carey
    10. Celine Dion
    11. AC/DC
    12. Whitney Houston
    13. Queen
    14. Rolling Stonea
    15. ABBA
    16. Taylor Swift
    17. Garth Brooks
    18. Eminem
    19. Eagles
    20. U2
    21. Billy Joel
    22. Phil Collins
    23. Aerosmith
    24. Frank Sinatra
    25. Barbara Streisand

  7. The thief was the false messenger with the white diary of a madman . You pigs stole from the sweaty backs of people of color. pelvis wrote that all blacks were only good for were shining his white feet, enclosed inside his pointed shoes. Michael Jackson broke down barriers that the pelvis built from hatred in the Jim Crow era of the cotton plantation. You vicious white devils murdered Michael Joseph Jackson with wicked vengeance as he lay helpless, your white fangs biting down, drawing blood. You fools can not hide from your nasty past of continuous lies and madness. You white devils will surely pay the ultimate price for your criminal ways. You better watch over your shoulders, you filthy white devils. The time of white privilege has come to an end.

  8. The new Christmas Elvis album !!!! Soon released in Holland !!! We hopes for an new nr 1 !!!!
    Always Elvis no one else !!!!

    • The deluxe version of “Christmas With Elvis And The RPO” is out in the end of November. I am waiting for the extra songs from the “Peace In The Valley” EP. They should have stuffed the cd with many tracks as possible for good value. The KING definitely wins and his name is Elvis Presley, friend. I’ve read that the new RPO remixes on the new Christmas album are amazingly good.

  9. You stupid whore , Michael has 3 albums on the billboard charts and 2 on the uk charts
    More than the Beatles or Elvis or that tiny muthafucker.
    All bow th the one and only king

    • Welcome back, Mr Scarecrow. Apparently, you need some new lens for those glasses, hammy. At least, you did not commit suicide. The Beatles went straight to number one with a reissue of “Sgt Pepper” earlier in the year and Elvis also has two releases on the charts, but unlike Michael McJackson, his discs chart a lot higher. Oops….what do we have here?

      “Prince 4 Ever” has returned to the charts. You have a selective memory there, boy. See, it’s like this…low selling, single digit numbers from clearance bin prices, do not count as healthy sales. When was the last time your gay idol get a single platinum certification, or have another number one album?

      It’s been years.

      Someone should wash your mouth out with a bar of soap. Such hostile language coming from your wicked, slobbering tongue. You better hop back on tour toadstool before you get knocked out of the water by a slingshot.

      • Your fresh mouth needs to be sewed shut, f*ck face. Just curl up and die, you annoying fat troll.

  10. STFU, you stupid red b*tch. It’s Michael Jackson who is getting the last laugh with “Scream” hitting #1 in every nation in the world !!!!

    • Everyone that matters in the world, know that you delusional Jackson fanatics deliberately lie for that dead, beastly reptile. The clearly shown chart performances of “Scream” can easily be found on the worldwide web in the charts. That manufactured piece of rubbish is or never will be #1.

      Who is having the last laugh again?

  11. Boo hoo….seems there are some irate feelings from certain Michael McJackson fans towards little ole me. Like always, McJackson fanatics love dishing it out, but cry foul when the tables are reversed. Ahhhhhhhh…..those snickering, slobbering clowns absolutely hate being told the truth of their fading hero and ex boy lover, Michael McJackson. Sony is livid that their ideas to recoup money from the dead woodpecker has been all in vain. Sales continue to slip to all time lows. The world is laughing that it is definitely over for his legacy.

    Tears fill their little eyes. lol.

  12. More bad news for Michael McJackson fans and Sony. The new posthumous “Scream” is a huge pre Halloween failure in the US, where it debuts at an embarrassing #33 on the Billboard 200. What’s more is the new release has fallen 14 whopping notches from a very disappointing #9 to #23 this week. Things definitely are not looking good for the clown’s tarnished legacy. It has me laughing with amusement, especially seeing the teardrops stain his dwindling fans faces, the boogie running down to their sticky chins. The results so far are dismal. Of course, our cowardly hammy would demand proof, if he ever had the nerve to show his beaten mug around again.

    #9 to #23 (a whopping 14 notch nosedive)

    Eye see that Elvis has charted with a Christmas album in October at #13 on the UK album charts, while Michael McJackson’s “Scream” has been officially rejected for the kiddies on Halloween. Friday the 13th is a bad omen for McJackson supporters. Oops….lol.

    • Vicious ingrates. After all Michael Jackson has done for music and dance, this is how you pathetic fools treat him?

      Michael Jackson changed the course of popular music forever with his expert dancing skills, his amazing looks and his sexy, seductive voice. You people are jealous. Dance on, Michael. xoxoxoxo

  13. In Aussie, Michael McJackson debuts at a laughably low #14 with Sony’s posthumous “Scream” on the Aria album charts. Of course, the dead clown screams down below as his swinging head cries in the devil’s claw, his bulging eye balls popping out of his screaming skull, his twisted mouth dribbling the spit of his tainted blood. Halloween’s coming kiddies. The scarecrow is looking for his brain. Michael McJackson’s lonely birthday came and went. It looks like in only 8 short years since Dr Conrad Murray killed Michael McJackson, billions around the world have already forgotten the perverted dancing clown. Sales have been dismal in recent years and are getting worse. lol.

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