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  1. Most weeks at No. 1, Title, Artist, Peak Date

    37, Thriller, Michael Jackson, 2/26/1983
    31, Rumours, Fleetwood Mac, 4/2/1977
    24, 21, Adele, 3/12/2011
    24, Purple Rain (Soundtrack), Prince And The Revolution, 8/4/1984

    prince purple rain – 24 weeks
    M.J Thriller 37 weeks number one ( best selling album d so its normal )

    all that cheap shit can do is lie

    just yelling – no facts is all that he can do

        • Of course Billboard does not lie. Oops…..”Scream” peaked at at lowly #33 before tumbling down the charts in just a record breaking 6 weeks. Eye laugh.

    • Michael McJackson was a one hit wonder with “Thriller.” But he needed Quincy Jones to produce and Eddie Van Halen to play the guitar solo. That dancing clown needed others to do the work for him. You simply do not make sense, hammy. Prince’s “Purple Rain” is on record as being one of the greatest albums ever made, and Prince did not have to pay money to any producer. Eye laugh. How many lies can you come up with today?

      The facts are all there in black and white.

  2. Of course, spin it around all you like, close your little eyes, plug those dumbo ears by telling yourself that McJackson did not have a poo fetish. Eye simply point out the facts of the matter because, unlike you, eye am not blind for dead woodpecker. Employees, managers, bodyguards, maids and even his victims witnessed the toad pull down his trousers, swat over the filthy floor and spin a round brown, steamy log. Bits of chunky corn pebbled into Michael McJackson’s warm, smelly turd.

    5 different maids told the story of Oprah and Liz visit to Neverland. The floors and walls were scrubbed clean. As soon as Oprah and old lady Elizabeth left, Michael McJackson would whip out his spotted wand, and water the floor. The screaming woodpecker was called the filthiest celebrity in Hollywood. And yet, you automatically dismiss proof and evidence as being lies.

    • sister
      hitting women
      Male orgies
      boy beorge

      i can go on and on and on

      smoke fire eremeber

      all your stories about the king doesnt change anyone his opinion waste of time

      2017 year of the king

      why dont you name 10 great things prince did in 2017 or no ass fin…..

  3. Ahhhhhhh….even tattoo woman, Paris McJackson claims that the toad cried constantly how awful his life had become with the bad press, the tabloids and the endless jokes. The clown spoke to his store bought kids like they were adults. Yet, he wore bibs, inserted pons up his gashole, slept nude on mattress pads, sniffed dirty undies, urinated and shat on floors. Maids were forced to clean up after the Michael McJackson toad. Just imagine the fowl odor that squirted out of the clown’s disgusting skeleton, especially on the day he died.

    Ewwwwwww….his mushy diarrhea was yellow and green. The poo actually stained its hairless toothpick legs. The autopsy photos showed everything on Michael McJackson’s corpse in great detail. However, the self proclaimed teacher refuses to even look at those revealing color pics. Eye continue to laugh and laugh and laugh.

    • u r such a horny
      rolling around in your own pee and poop
      smelling your own farts

      u r in your comfortzone again

      stay away from the music – u r a newbie a nobody waste of ….

  4. Oops….”Purple Rain” hit the top 5 in 2017, again.

    Somehow, hammy’s brain is not registering that information.

    Michael McJackson had disgusting foot fungus growth in between his toes and on the bottom of his feet. According to Dr Conrad Murray, who saw Michael McJackson completely nude at least 50 times, it was painful for the clown to dance. But like a puppet, AEG forced the clown to move his little toothpick legs. Later, the beaten clown died with bile stuck down his throat. lol.

      • Actually, “Purple Rain” holds the record for being #1 for the longest, without falling to #2, plus is the best selling film soundtrack of all time. It gained yet another 3 weeks on the charts, another week in the top 10 in 2017. Meanwhile, Michael McJackson’s poor selling atomic flop, “Scream” peaked at a lowly #33 in the US. Prince’s “Purple Rain” deluxe still hit the top 4 in 2017.

        Of course, hammy is insanely jealous that Prince is destroying his gay idol with ease. Ahhhhhhh…..when will the next teardrop fall?

  5. Prince once insulted Michael McJackson by calling him, Helen Keller, the famous retard that ran around the dinner table, screaming for table straps. Eye can see why Prince compared McJackson to a mongoloid. The clown was bleatin’ and blattin’ ’cause Prince accidentally hit him in the mug with a flying ping pong ball. His slobbering mouth swallowed his own blood, sweat and salted tears.

    Michael McJackson was a little mouse of a man, crying at a drop of a pin. lol.

    • again he was a big fan and paid tribute to the king many times
      see you tube

      he was a big fan

      lol man we are kicking some fat old ass ( smelly ) the whole week

      such a newbie

      • Naw, Prince was just freaked out that your gay idol was suddenly dead and actually believed that his bullying and making fun of that toad might have caused his death. Prince, being his newfound faith in Jehovah, tried to redeem himself for his torture of Michael McJackson. Prince is on record laughing at the clown as your gay idol turned on the waterworks and the quivering bottom lip.

        Nevertheless, Prince liked Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Stevie Wonder and George Clinton much more. They were real men, not mice.

        Do you twist your body around to sniff your own feces impacted gashole?

  6. Michael McJackson is now the umber 5 best seller, defeated by Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, The Eagles and Adele. After all, all records are meant to be broken. Since Michael McJackson could never top the Quincy Jones produced “Thriller” album, many consider the dancing clown to be a one hit wonder. Yawn….who cares if it sold 33 million mainly because of Quincy Jones and Eddie Van Halen. The dancing toad was a slave that was told what to sing. The puppet was beaten by daddy Joseph and later was beaten by many others.

    Prince “Purple Rain” sold nearly 14 million in the US, 27 million worldwide. Because of his victims accusations, Michael McJackson’s sales are now so low, he is quickly being surpassed. He is currently being pushed out of the 5th spot by Fleetwood Mac in the US and has been removed out of the top 10 in the UK by Queen, Sorry, but Michael McJackson’s “Thriller” is just like you, old and moldly. Why do you repeat 20 year old news?

    Ahhhhh….you red leather jacket is beginning to crack and fade. Do you rub lotion on the dyed hide of the old cow to keep her moist in the strong lights as you grab your smelly crotch in front of young Teddy , Johnny or Harry Jr?

    • not even close – u start lying again

      Michael number one – prince number 36- ( for the REAL fans )

      i love how i end this year with some good ass kicking
      when people have to lie to try to win wow ass kicking baby

      some old fat ass

      • Hmmmmmm… is “Thriller” that has been knocked off the top by rapid sales of other artists albums.

        Eye know. You love repeating old news and passing it out as new information. It is like a song that skips on repeat, over and over again. You kick can, ham?

        Nope. lol.

      • Whoa….how dumb are you?

        Eye know “Thriller” was first released in 1982, dumbo. 20 years ago, it might of been the best selling album. But you love repeating old news, like Sony and the gung ho Michael McJackson estate. What a space clown. Hey Benjamin, do you always believe that freaks with paper crowns become kings?

        It was so hilarious watching the old Pepsi commercial where Michael McJackson’s bobbling skull went up in flames. He screamed as he spun around like a whirly top. That happened in 1984, almost 34 years ago. It was then, the clown was forced to wear woman’s wigs for the rest of his life.

        Hey, thing Benjamin, do you why Michael McJackson always slopped his wigs on backwards?

    • Fine Michael Jackson may have been a good singer but there is no need to cheat on the votes system, you are only making a fool of yourselves

    • Michael Jackson may have been a good singer so why cheat on the voting system you are only making fools of yourselves and no one believes his votes fool you !!!!!!!!

  7. Best selling albums USA

    Number one Michael jackson- Thriller – 33 times platinum in the US
    Number 36 Purple Rain ( from )

    Never heard u about this Newbie

  8. Red Lady did you know that the Beatles in Holland gived an concert in Blokker ,holland !
    And my new job as truckdriver will be started on the birthday 8 Jan. of ELVIS in that same building !!!
    Strange ? Is it the spirit of Elvis and John Lennon ??? Ironic , its very scary for me , or an good luck ?

    • Eye have a Beatles Greatest Hits vinyl from Holland. The sound is superior to the US releases. Good luck with your new job driving a truck, TCB. Watch out for men’s rest stop lavatories though. Hammy might be nude in one of stalls, just waiting for some gay action like Michael McJackson. lol.

        • Hey teach, that is “She can’t even post without naming Michael McJackson.”

          When George Michael was still alive, did you meet him at a rest stop toilet for some hanky panky and some cocktails?

          We know you are just waiting for some gay action with Michael McJackson. You need to go to Forest Lawn and crack open the coffin in Michael McJackson’s rat infested tomb. Ooooo….that pointed tongue deep into the dead corpse’s mouth. Does his breath stink?

  9. Eye made my list on how 2017 was a great year for Prince that has joined two of the greatest legends in music to gain immortality. Of course, that definitely does not include a dead clown that walked around with a paper crown on his egg shaped head. Like a squealing birdie, Michael McJackson tweet in the tree tops as he gathered blue eggs in the nest. He waited for them to hatch, then probed the little chick-a-dee’s. Hey hammy. you idolize a butchered freak that sang to a “Jolly Green Giant” dummy on candid camera. Do you sing in the soapy, steaming showers to Michael De McJackson?

    Helen. lol.

    • 95 million doesnt make u immortal
      A billion does

      The big 3

      • Only Elvis and The Beatles sold over a billion units. We are supposed to believe that only Michael McJackson can sell a billion albums with a record 63 flops and can barely go gold in this decade. Again, you call a dead toad clown a king over Elvis. Michael McJackson was a compulsive liar that wore paper crowns, when Elvis wore solid gold crowns. Who is high on the throne?

        It sure is not Michael McJackson.

        Of course, Prince might not be king, but he is still more talented than Michael McJackson.

        The big 3:

        1. Elvis Presley
        2. The Beatles
        3. Prince Nelson *150 million sold and counting.

        • Great Said My Lady in a Purple dress on !!!
          I loved youre name Lady ! Beautifull name !! !!!!!!

          • Thank you, KING TCB. You sure know your music. Someone has to put Benjamin Barker in his place.

            Yes, my real name is Melissa.

  10. Ahhhhhhh…..hammy has quite a way of avoiding the issue of Michael McJackson’s crippling downfall, but still calls that dead woodpecker a king over Elvis, the man that continues kicking his can. Of course, Michael McJackson’s paper crown flew off his filthy wig and he made Liz chase after it as he tried to find his plastic nose piece. Liz thought McJackson was looking for his hearing aid. No wonder Prince called him, Helen, after that famous retard in the classic film, “Miracle Worker.”

  11. The best thing about Prince is that he has been dead since April, 2016

    wow not my words

    • That is because you manipulate. You leave out that Prince has no accusers. But Michael McJackson does. What are their names again? Hmmmmm….Scotty, Jordan, Wade, Jimmy, Billy and Gene. Hey Benjamin, which one was Liberace’s lover?

      Of course, you are just like your gay idol, arn’t cha?

      We know you dance nude in mirrors to the frantic, but dated beats of Michael McJackson. After all, you’re a space clown.

        • When you see Michael McJackson bouncing a boy on his lap at an old award show, does he remind yourself of you, just the other night?

          We know you like Teddy. Too bad Uncle Charlie has him for his very own.

          Michael McJackson was Helen.

  12. 1. The best thing about Prince is that he has been dead since April, 2016 and has zero accusers suing the Prince estate for sexual battery or unpaid debt.

    2. No nude autopsy photos published of Prince for tabloid publication, unlike Michael McJackson.

    3. Prince apparently did not own nude boy books and magazines like Michael McJackson.

    4. Prince does not have Quincy Jones suing for back royalties. He produced all his own music.

    5. Prince played his own instruments and composed his own work. He did not need Eddie Van Halen to overdub a guitar solo into any song of his. He recorded his own solos.

    6. Other artists record Prince songs, his estate gets paid.

    7. Prince did his shows 100% live. No lip syncing like Milli Vanilli McJackson.

    8. Prince hit the top 5 twice in 2016 and 2017 with “Purple Rain.”

    9. Paisley Park, Prince’s home and recording studio is open to the public 24/7 like Elvis’s Graceland.

    10. The vaults are open and Prince left enough unreleased material for at least another 100 albums.

    • Wow he did nothing in 2017
      No new cd’s in 2018
      Vaults stay closed in 2018
      No remastered of 1999 or sign of the times due to low sales of purple pain

      • Ahhhhhh….playing fortune teller again, huh?

        Your wig is on backwards and your bottom lip is quivering.

        At least, “Purple Rain” returned to the top 5 twice, in 2016 and 2017. When was the last time Michael McJackson hit the top 5 anywhere in the world like Elvis, The Beatles and Prince?

        It’s been a long, long time. Oops….”Scream” tanked and only peaked at #33 on the Billboard 200. Of course, we are in the now. Most of us do not have to live in the past like you do, Benjamin teach.

        Do you wear your red leather jacket out often?

    • try to make a list of 2017 and not mentioning Elvis or the king
      u try to be a prince fan here
      Try to obey or no ass fingering in 2018 and 2018 is gonna bad you know and the whole world has to ….
      53 albums only one remastered oops

      • Elvis or the king?

        Michael McJackson in Ronnie McD clown make up, wearing a paper Burger King crown, is not good enough. Didn’t Elvis sing that he was the king of the whole wide world in “King Galahad?”

        Obey you?

        You’ve lost your tiny little brain in a rest stop stall.

  13. Your avoidance is noted. It is a big win for me, since eye had to do the work for you. once more Since you obviously wanted to run your slobbering mouth about Prince’s catalogue, without mentioning Michael McJackson’s failures, let us compare the final tally, shall we?

    Prince has 31 albums that failed to chart high, or simply failed to chart in a 40 year career, but still released over 50 albums. In the case of Michael McJackson, he has almost an equal amount of failures between his brothers with the McJackson 5 and solo McJackson, 32 and 31 which equals a total of 63 flops in 48 years, more than double the unsuccessful Prince releases. Oops….of course you are going to swarm and slobber your twisted mouth with spin.

    Eye win, you lose….again. lol.

  14. Of course, unlike me, hammy refuses to honestly list Prince’s failures, so we can compare them with Michael McJackson’s failures. Hmmmmmmmm…..eye wonder why?

    It is soooooo amusing how Benjamin loves to spin in order to keep avoiding the issue. He definitely does not like having his delusional bunk on Michael McJackson challenged. I’ve already documented what Prince achieved in 2017, which was yet another top 5 and top 10 return for “Purple Rain.” It is obvious that hammy wants me to repeat myself like a broken record, while he spews up some more McJack estate campaign rubbish, sold as fact by Sony. When was the last time Michael McJackson had a legit #1 album or single?

    It’s been years, teach. “The Very Best Of Prince” hit the top in 2016 and stayed there. “Scream” peaked at a lowly #33 on the Billboard 200, then dropped off the charts in just 6 brief weeks, while Elvis continues selling like wildfire all around the globe. Yet, thing Ben calls loser Michael McJackson the king that holds the crown. Yep, Michael McJackson had a great year…..NOT.

    You should see a therapist, Benjamin Barker. lol.

    • come on gimme 10 great things about prince 2017

      we all know now that u can talk about the King of pop

      2017 number one in new zealand ( purple rain number 2 in 1984/85 it still makes me smile )

      prince had to die to get to number one ( 2018 is gonna be bad )

      tell me how great was 2017 for tiny – WE all cant wait – u did so much laughing in 2017 – dont make us wait

      use that finger for typing

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