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    AS OF 5TH JANUARY, 2018

    Calculated by the amount of weeks on the chart for both Singles and Albums combined. One point is gained for each week an album/or single appears in the Top 75:

    1. Elvis – 2733 weeks (1304 weeks for singles) (1429 weeks for albums)
    2. Cliff Richard – 2062 weeks (1177 weeks for singles) (885 weeks for albums)
    3. Michael Jackson – 2028 weeks (689 weeks for singles) (1339 weeks for albums)
    4. Queen – 1924 weeks (440 weeks for singles) (1484 weeks for albums)
    5. Madonna – 1886 weeks (740 weeks for singles) (1146 weeks for albums)
    6. The Beatles – 1880 weeks (461 weeks for singles) (1419 weeks for albums)
    7. Elton John – 1721 weeks (668 weeks for singles) (1053 weeks for albums)
    8. David Bowie – 1677 weeks (476 weeks for singles) (1201 weeks for albums)
    9. Rod Stewart – 1621 weeks (480 weeks for singles) (1141 weeks for albums)
    10. Rihanna – 1576 (1127 weeks for singles) (449 weeks for albums)

    21 No.1’s
    76 Top 10’s
    139 Top 40’s
    164 Top 75’s
    80 weeks at No.1
    386 weeks in Top 10
    1062 weeks in Top 40
    1304 weeks in Top 75

    13 No.1’s
    52 Top 10’s
    93 Top 40’s
    119 Top 75’s
    66 weeks at No.1
    555 weeks in Top 10
    1059 weeks in Top 40
    1429 weeks in Top 75

    1. Elvis – 21
    2. Beatles – 17
    3. Cliff Richard and Westlife – (both with 14)
    4. Madonna – 13
    5. Take That – 12
    6. Abba; Spice Girls and Rihanna – (all with 9)
    7. Rolling Stones; Oasis; Eminem and Calvin Harris (all with 8)
    8. Elton John; Kylie Minogue; McFly; Michael Jackson; Robbie Williams; U2; George Michael and Tinie Tempah (all with 7)
    9. Rod Stewart; Slade; Queen; Britney Spears; The Shadows; Sugababes; Boyzone; Blondie; David Guetta; Justin Bieber and Sam Smith (all with 6)
    10. Beyoncé; Black Eyed Peas; Police; David Bowie; All Saints; Bee Gees; Will.I.Am; Dizzee Rascal; Flo Rida; Cheryl Cole; Bruno Mars; JLS; NE-YO;Jess Glynne and Katy Perry (all with 5)

  2. The one thing is that the most normal music fanatics said that ELVIS is the KING !!
    And they are not Elvis fans , but they said without ELVIS we had no Beatles , No James Brown No MJ , No Lady Gaga , Madonna enz……. They prays for ELVIS THE KING FOR MORE THAN 60 YEARS AND FOREVER !!!
    Robbie Williams prays for ELVIS Always before he started his concert , “” ELVIS IS GOD “”

    ELVIS opened the gates for the music of today !
    Buy an Elvis cd and listen to him !!!

  3. Elvis is still collecting new gold and platinum certifications. Long live the king, Elvis Presley.

    • More lies from the aging granny crowd. Elvis’s last platinum album was over 60 years ago, clown. Pelvis fanatics have over active imaginations, that’s for certain. You freaks owe Michael Jackson the respect for being the real KING. Unlike phony pelvis priestly, Michael Jackson was the real deal. Long live the true KING, Michael Jackson.

    • Yeah, surely you can convince me and others if you provide the real source of information. What are the charts you refer to? Name them and give some links.

      In my country, brilliant Michael Jackson is always winning all of the proposals (polls FM music) with the best music we can choose as he was and is named by the many radio’s DJ, so as a well-known and famous Diva of music known in EU who recognized him in to the Voice as the King of Contemporary Music. Genial Michael Jackson is present and chosen one by people in all the music charts, polls.. proposed by the media to be voted by the listeners. So, long live the real, great King Michael Jackson! Long live to His unmatched, brilliant Legacy!

      • In your country, Michael Jackson’s “Scream” bombed. The album tanked worldwide and was off the charts in just 6 brief weeks. In 2015-2017 low sales were reported for Michael Jackson in every nation around the globe. Billions of people are laughing at blind Wacko Jacko fans that refuse to believe that their dead clown idol is no longer relevant in 2017.

        Again, Elvis has hit #1 3 times since 2015 and had a #2 “Greatest Hits” album in the UK last summer. The KING lives on. His name is Elvis Presley.

      • Please provide links and real source of information. For example: it must not be inflated numbers given by laughable Michael Jackson fan sites. To be legit, it has to be from a respected publication. You crazy Michael Jackson fans lie like rugs and make up fairy tales about the perverted clown that exposed his disgusting body to a string of young male victims. Where is the proof of Michael Jackson’s domination?

        It certainly is not on radio or sales charts. lol.

  4. U.K.
    B.P.I. Award

    RELEASED 06/10/17
    Elvis Presley
    Christmas With Elvis And The and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    Certified 22 December 2017

    Gold Album over 100.000 copies

  5. U.K.
    B.P.I. Award

    RELEASED 17/11/2004
    Elvis Presley
    Burning Love
    Certified 22 December 2017

    Silver Singel (over 200.000 copies sold since 17/11/2004 (streams plus digital downloads plus physical sales)

  6. Hey why do you dont an EPSINGLE of ages admin , an single with 4 songs ? And Single 2 songs of ages to ?
    Than wins ELVIS his EPSingle of King Greole .. 33 milion sales in 1958 !!!
    Best Wishes !!!

  7. Apparently, you are either blind as a bat, or your twisted mouth id full of lies. Michael McJackson had a terrible year, did not go even gold, much less platinum. Fake Forbes numbers do not count as legit. Of course, you have to lie about Michael McJackson because KING ELVIS continues to destroy your gay idol on the worldwide charts. Oops….look what we have here:

    “Prince 4Ever” rising from #77 last week to #71 in the UK, up a whopping 6 notches. Meanwhile, Michael McJackson’s “Number 85’s” sits close to the bottom, selling peanuts.

    Elvis still has 5 charted albums on the worldwide charts in 2018, easily extending his reign of chart action to 63 years. Michael McJackson better start working if he wants to be KING. Ahhhhhhh….too bad Elvis is kicking his sorry can. Sniff. Blow the snot out of your impacted honker, Benjamin. It looks like Elvis stays the KING in 2018.

    You want direct proof. No problem. According to your own twisted mouth, Billboard is always right.

    UK Album
    “Christmas With Elvis & The RPO” #17
    “The Wonder Of You” #82

    Australian Albums
    “Christmas With Elvis & The RPO” #12

    Billboard 200
    “It’s Christmas Time” #53
    “Classic Christmas” #126
    “Christmas With Elvis” #144

    US Billboard Country
    “It’s Christmas Time” #9 (Elvis’s first top 10 of 2018)
    “Classic Christmas” #20
    “30 #1 Hits” #47

    US Classical Albums
    “Christmas With Elvis & The RPO” #5 (Elvis’s 2nd top 10 of 2018)
    “The Wonder Of You” #16

    US Billboard Holiday
    “It’s Christmas Time” #11
    “Classic Christmas” #28
    “Christmas With Elvis & The RPO” #31

  8. Boring Benjamin is batty blind for dead woodpecker. His bobbling head knocking on wood like a jackhammer.

    A lone island in New Zealand, where Wacko McJackson went #1 with 400 sold, does not count as a legit number one, dumbo. The KING is ELVIS. He definitely had a better year in 2017 than the dead woodpecker, Michael De McJackson. The Billboard 200 or the UK Album Charts is what McJackson aimed for, not rinky dink islands where very few actually buy CD’s. In any event, ELVIS remains the KING, Prince stays Prince and Michael McJackson continues to fall in the downward spiral of no return. “Scream” is the dud of the year 2017 with only 3300 copies sold in France alone. Ahhhhhhhhhh…..your little eyes blink salted tears. Sony is livid that Michael McJackson’s legacy has hit rock bottom. Things are definitely bad for the THING of POO. Eye love making you swarm like a crawling weasel. Get on all fours and start sucking the dirt with your slobbering little mouth. The spittle has coated your sticky chin. Pucker up. Sweetpea.

  9. Apparently, 2017 was the year of King Elvis. At least that dead legend can still sell millions of albums. Oops….hammy screams his anger against Prince, who like Elvis, can still reach #1 or top 10 in 2017. Ahhhhhhhhhh….the tears still flow for dead woodpecker.

  10. Most weeks at No. 1, Title, Artist, Peak Date

    37, Thriller, Michael Jackson, 2/26/1983
    31, Rumours, Fleetwood Mac, 4/2/1977
    24, 21, Adele, 3/12/2011
    24, Purple Rain (Soundtrack), Prince And The Revolution, 8/4/1984

    prince purple rain – 24 weeks
    M.J Thriller 37 weeks number one ( best selling album d so its normal )

    all that cheap shit can do is lie

    just yelling – no facts is all that he can do

        • Of course Billboard does not lie. Oops…..”Scream” peaked at at lowly #33 before tumbling down the charts in just a record breaking 6 weeks. Eye laugh.

    • Michael McJackson was a one hit wonder with “Thriller.” But he needed Quincy Jones to produce and Eddie Van Halen to play the guitar solo. That dancing clown needed others to do the work for him. You simply do not make sense, hammy. Prince’s “Purple Rain” is on record as being one of the greatest albums ever made, and Prince did not have to pay money to any producer. Eye laugh. How many lies can you come up with today?

      The facts are all there in black and white.

  11. Of course, spin it around all you like, close your little eyes, plug those dumbo ears by telling yourself that McJackson did not have a poo fetish. Eye simply point out the facts of the matter because, unlike you, eye am not blind for dead woodpecker. Employees, managers, bodyguards, maids and even his victims witnessed the toad pull down his trousers, swat over the filthy floor and spin a round brown, steamy log. Bits of chunky corn pebbled into Michael McJackson’s warm, smelly turd.

    5 different maids told the story of Oprah and Liz visit to Neverland. The floors and walls were scrubbed clean. As soon as Oprah and old lady Elizabeth left, Michael McJackson would whip out his spotted wand, and water the floor. The screaming woodpecker was called the filthiest celebrity in Hollywood. And yet, you automatically dismiss proof and evidence as being lies.

    • i can go on and on and on

      smoke fire eremeber

      all your stories about the king doesnt change anyone his opinion waste of time

      2017 year of the king

      why dont you name 10 great things prince did in 2017 or no ass fin…..

  12. Ahhhhhhh….even tattoo woman, Paris McJackson claims that the toad cried constantly how awful his life had become with the bad press, the tabloids and the endless jokes. The clown spoke to his store bought kids like they were adults. Yet, he wore bibs, inserted pons up his gashole, slept nude on mattress pads, sniffed dirty undies, urinated and shat on floors. Maids were forced to clean up after the Michael McJackson toad. Just imagine the fowl odor that squirted out of the clown’s disgusting skeleton, especially on the day he died.

    Ewwwwwww….his mushy diarrhea was yellow and green. The poo actually stained its hairless toothpick legs. The autopsy photos showed everything on Michael McJackson’s corpse in great detail. However, the self proclaimed teacher refuses to even look at those revealing color pics. Eye continue to laugh and laugh and laugh.

    • u r such a horny
      rolling around in your own pee and poop
      smelling your own farts

      u r in your comfortzone again

      stay away from the music – u r a newbie a nobody waste of ….

  13. Oops….”Purple Rain” hit the top 5 in 2017, again.

    Somehow, hammy’s brain is not registering that information.

    Michael McJackson had disgusting foot fungus growth in between his toes and on the bottom of his feet. According to Dr Conrad Murray, who saw Michael McJackson completely nude at least 50 times, it was painful for the clown to dance. But like a puppet, AEG forced the clown to move his little toothpick legs. Later, the beaten clown died with bile stuck down his throat. lol.

      • Actually, “Purple Rain” holds the record for being #1 for the longest, without falling to #2, plus is the best selling film soundtrack of all time. It gained yet another 3 weeks on the charts, another week in the top 10 in 2017. Meanwhile, Michael McJackson’s poor selling atomic flop, “Scream” peaked at a lowly #33 in the US. Prince’s “Purple Rain” deluxe still hit the top 4 in 2017.

        Of course, hammy is insanely jealous that Prince is destroying his gay idol with ease. Ahhhhhhh…..when will the next teardrop fall?

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