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  1. Jackson freaks on here have ruined this site , horrible horrible scumbags , the cheating is so obvious … Same time everyday votes go up in massive clumps !!! Sad pathetic losers

  2. 40 votes for Micheal Jackson within seconds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. LISA is BANKRUPT worldwide news !!! Her father ELVIS will hates her for what she do with his money !!!!
    Nancy Sinatra did more respect for her daddy FRANK SINATRA !!!!!!

  4. Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley (36%, 9,687 Votes) 6:57 PM 3/4/18
    Michael Jackson – Thriller (36%, 9,664 Votes)

    Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley (36%, 9,738 Votes) 7:01 PM 3/4/18
    Michael Jackson – Thriller (36%, 9,678 Votes)

    • Shut up you cheating wako nutters , look at the time on this post , same every day goes up in seconds , you cheating lying scum bags , the world dispises that stupid scarecrow 😂

  5. Eye smile as the whole world sees Prince chart higher in both the UK and the US with both of his wonderful hit collections as Michael McJackson sells nothing at the very bottom like a slug sucking fishy. It just warms my heart and fills my soul with pride to see Prince destroy the wild woodpecker yet again. Hey hammy, you must be hallucinating on magic mushrooms that grow wild on the Neverland property in Santa Barbara. The dead Michael McJackson clown is still getting his bony can kicked easily by the Emperor, Prince Nelson. Eye laugh. Wipe those crying tears from your beady little eyes and blow your red honker, tissue boy. It is definitely over for your gay idol.

    • Michael 56
      Prince 71

      Uk charts

      Lies lies

      Stick with pee and poop
      Stay away from music

      • You need to get another pair of glasses for your bloodshot little eyes, liar.

        On the UK Updated charts, Prince climbs 8 whopping notches with “Prince 4Ever” while “Number 70’s” drops a whooping 14 notches. It looks like it is YOU that should stick with Michael McJackson’s “Dirty Diarrhea.” Prince is grabbing substantial sales, while Michael McJackson continues to sell lower and lower numbers each week. You are obviously still blind for wild woodpecker.

        Some things never change, eh?

        Eye laugh and laugh and laugh. How many fingers am eye holding up, clown?

        Stay away from the booze.

          • To a lot of people, Jackson was really a one hit wonder. He never topped the fantastic sales of the Quincy Jones produced “Thriller.”

              • Until it was beaten by Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Garth Brooks and Adele….

                You Wack0 clowns are always the last to know.

  6. So obvious Michael Jackson cheeting votes 300 votes in 1 hour, not only he steals other peoples music, he carries on cheating in votes , please stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • And Michael Jackson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont get me wrong i’m not an Elvis fan either , these votes for these two need to be looked into . ?????????????????????????????

  7. Michael Jackson was so timid and weak, I highly doubt he could break a pencil in half. Elvis was an 8th degree black belt in karate.

  8. The vaults stay closed thats a dat

    The family f.cker is dead and gone

  9. Prince is back on the Billboard 200 with “The Very Best Of Prince” at an incredible #69, and in the UK, “Prince 4Ever” is in the top 60. Real sales, not bottom clearance bin crapola like Michael McJackson. Eye laugh. Eye see that hammy still has a stiffie for that dead woodpecker. Sales are very, very disappointing for McJackson and a disillusioned Sony, yet hammy brags and calls people gay. Ahhhhhhh….the teardrops fall from hammy’s little beady eyes. Blow your honker, clown.

    • Hey the same old boring post cheap shit.

      Maybe he will reach the 100 million this year

      He wont beat the bsb thats for sure

  10. On YouTube was a guy named Joe Rogan that f*cing a**hol say that Elvis nonses doco of karate did . And that Elvis dont cant fight in karate ?
    Joe Ruckon shut up and i hit you an real karate move !

  11. The twins cheaters pro Elvis quickly revenged to added in a short time through a tripling of votes, that is – for understanding – now they have put 300 votes above the normal votes pro Elvis , which they used to added on a daily basis in a normal vote way, certainly and these votes also were put through cheating. Congratulate to cheaters for Elvis and yo others cheaters to their favorites @ the all web KOM!

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