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  1. Hi Red Lady i votes for PRINCE today for you !!!!
    Great to say to you is that in Holland will Graceland EPE estate in Amsterdam posed ‘PRINCE ” all his privated stuff and clothings and more stuff from PRINCE !!! Thats very good news for you and the PRINCE fans here in Holland !!!

    • Thanks for the great news, TCB !!!

      Michael McJackson’s soiled glove and skin tight bodysuit have disgusting stains on them.

  2. Prince4never peak position France 46
    Scream peak position France 16

    U always lose


    • Current positions on the UK Album charts show that Prince is 7 notches higher than Michael McJackson.

      “Prince 4Ever”

      Michael McJackson’s “Number 66’s”

      No, U always lose. As eye recall, you told me that “Prince 4Ever” would quickly leave the charts, remember?

      Scream, hammy scream. lol.

      • Ihow many weeks in the charts.
        Highest position oops


        U know nothing about prince or the king

        • How much lower can the price of a Michael Jackson clearance CD go?

          At least, Prince is sold at full price, plus he charts higher. Eye laugh. The dead woodpecker’s bargain bin junk even stuffs the used CD bins at the Salvation Army.

          U obviously do not get out much, do you clown?


          • Hey cheap shit check
            All the latest NEWS on prince his budget cds

  3. Michael McJackson stole the bass line off of Hall & Oates “I Can’t Go For That” for his over rated “Billy & Gene Ain’t My Lover” number. Hey hammy, Michael McJackson stole the moonwalk from Bill Bailey also. When has your gay idol ever do something original?

    The song, “Bad” is “Ghostbusters.” Who you gonna call?

    Oops….your filthy hero called Terry & George and whacked over the phone, his spotted dundee flapping in his hairy hand.

  4. Dr Conrad Murray got away with murder and killed the wild woodpecker for Sony and AEG. Murray beat McJackson with his pounding fists as the clown lay nude on his urine soaked mattress pad. Diarrhea leaked out on his impacted can and covered his broomstick legs. It is obvious that the fabulous doc will never be forgotten. He walks with his head up high and money in his pocket. The doc’s book sold more copies than the flop of the century, Michael McJackson’s dud, “Scream.”

    Only 3300 copies of “Scream” were sold in France. It certainly does not look good for your gay idol. Sales for the dead Michael McJackson continue to be dismal. lol.

    • Number one new zealand

      Most prince albums never hit the charts

      53 albums around 90 million sold
      Only purple rain did good

      Prince is a prince not a King

      Gone and forgotten

      Check out the streams for scream
      Spotify etc

  5. The d* parties and the s** with his sister and cousins caused him hip problems.
    Better on his knees than on the charts

  6. What did the sheriff say when he raided Michael McJackson’s Neverland lair and pulled out hundreds of boxes of boy books and nude photography?

    Sheriff Sneddon’s eyes burned out of his head when they made the toad strip totally nude so they could probe his scrawny, spotted crown jewels and examine deep inside of his filthy can. Dehumanized, Michael McJackson was forced to bend over and cough. Thomas Sneddon covered his nose and mouth. The odor was horrific. lol.

      • Actually, sheriff Sneddon saw McJackson’s filthy dundee a few times. He snapped on the latex and lifted Michael McJackson’s spotted dong and photographed the mole that was growing underneath. Yep, police records and documents are all in my imagination. You should put on your smock, or bib, pinhead. The saliva and juices are dribbling off your pimpled chin.

        • Whatever u say about the King.
          Prince will still be a B artist with low sales.
          His death had no IMPACT
          2018 purple PAIN

          • Apparently, Michael McJackson’s death made an IMPACT when GREAT AMERICAN hero, Dr Conrad Murray struck McJackson in the head upon death. The clown struggled as Murray bashed in his plastic nose into his tiny little brain. McJackson’s blood was found in on his own V neck tee, haning on a wine hanger, in a closet. The toad was beaten at his last few minutes alive.


            • He is forgotten
              His book flopped
              Just like your same old boring post
              2018 Michael hasnt LEFT the uk and us charts.

  7. It it always funny when hammy claims that eye have no knowledge. Actually, eye do. Eye can see you swarm like a weasel.

    • Stick to pee and poop
      U ve been farting and shitting for over 65 years
      That is your specialty
      U r an expert on anal rhings

      Stay away from music

      • It is not my fault that maids, employees and victims spoke about Michael McJackson’s bowel leakage. Your gay idol was the filthiest celebrity in Hollywood. They could smell him as he wobbled into the room.

        The gravy would run down his little toothpick legs. Facts are facts, clown.

        Yes, intelligent people do stay away from Michael McJackson’s dated music. “Scream” tanked. lol.

        • Oh than prince had g** parties with lots of cocaïne.
          Beat up women
          F* his sister and cousins
          The list goes on and on
          He was better on his knees than on the CHARTS

          • LaToya and Joseph, father and daughter.

            McJackson should have written a song about it, but could not compose or produce. Quincy Jones claims that your gay idol stole songs. Oops….


  8. Love the frustration
    Love the obsession
    So insecure

    Cheap shit and tissue boy

    U lose

    No impact

    • Hey hammy, do you wipe your beady little eyes with toilet tissue?

      No, you lose. The impact of you shattered skull was made when you fell in the shower stall. Mr Montagu held onto to your bobbling head as it flapped on his road hairy belly like a gobbling woodpecker. Do not pick on your disgusting mole growing out of your slobbering chin. It might get infected. lol.

  9. Michael McJackson frolic ed in bubbling hot tub with Liberace, his boyfriend Scotty and another gay guy by the name, Lord Montagu. The lovebirds enjoyed a ride around the Liberace compound in Las Vegas. Simply goggle for the fabulous pics that were taken in 1981. Of course, all hammy has on Prince and Boy George are lies. Hey hammy, when you walk into the men’s locker room, we all know that you look at their junk as they slap each other with white cotton towels. You must absolutely love the sprinkle of water droplets cooling your flushed face. Eye laugh. Only a gay woodpecker fan would call others gay. lol.

      • Easy google to see the revealing pics of McJackson wearing Liberace’s fur coat. He must have been chilled and wanted to smell the old man’s scents on his scrawny body. How many times have you walked nude through the men’s locker room with your twisted bare tinkle toes slipping and sliding on the title?

        Ahhhhhhh….your gay fantasies definitely come true when you moonwalk across the steamy showers and bump into a fat, hairy belly. Do not fall to your crooked knees, hammy. Stop blowing bubbles. lol.

          • Yep, LaToya and Joseph made whoopee after Joseph beat Michael McJackson with his pounding fists. It is so funny how you still like throwing stones at glass houses. Your tiny brain can not grasp simple phases. Do you manage to dress yourself everyday, pinhead?

  10. Lol.

    Every artist sells more than Michael Jack-yer-son. Wack0 stinks like sewage.

  11. Ahhhhhh….the UK update charts has Prince claiming an incredible 20 notches to #46 as Michael McJackson falls a whopping 7 notches to a very disappointing #84. Eye laugh.

    Karma is sweet. Hey hammy, you should have that pointed mole on your slobbering chin looked at. Oops….off with the nose. Lol.

      • Karma is that “Prince 4Ever” is still on the charts, charting higher than your gay idol, beating him easily in sales. After all, last year you claimed that “Prince 4Ever” would leave the charts forever.

        Michael McJackson’s dud “Scream” is nowhere to be found. lol.

        • 90 million vs a billion

          U always lose

          Prince is NOT on the billboard

          U always be a cheap shit with no knowledge

          • Dumbo still believes that Michael McJackson sold a billion records, even when it was proven to be a grossly inflated lie. Eye like when eye read that hammy automatically subtracts 65 million from Prrnce’s sales while claiming the dead woodpecker has sold as much as Elvis and The Beatles.

            With duds like “Scream” and no platinum sellers since “This Is Shit” in 2009, sales certainly did not make a billion. Hey dumbo, do you get dizzy and out of breath when you go into a public lavatory?


  12. Isn’t karma grand?

    It looks like Prince continues kicking Michael McJackson’s scrawny little can on the UK Albums Charts with “Prince 4Ever.” However, all is silent with hammy. Eye laugh. Sales are dismal for the dead wild woodpecker. As hammy always demands but always ignores, the proof:

    UK Album Charts
    “Prince 4Ever”
    Last week: #71
    This week: #66
    Up a whopping 5 notches

    “Number 77’s”
    Last week: #56
    This week: #77
    Down a whooping 21 notches

    What a nose dive for the wild woodpecker. Hey hammy, how many fingers am eye holding up?

      • Hey dumbo, all these old pop stars or groups are selling more than Michael McJackson on the Billboard 200. Gee, after taking out all the modern acts, McJackson was not even high enough to make the top ten.

        1. Elton John Diamonds
        2. Queen Greatest Hits
        3. Tom Petty Greatest Hits
        4. Journey Greatest Hits
        5. Bob Marley Legend
        6. Beatles 1
        7. Led Zeppelin Mothership
        8. Beatles Sgt Pepper
        9. Joan Baez Whistle Down The Wind
        10. Fleetwood Mac Rumours

        Eye laugh. Sales are still dismal for the wild, wild woodpecker. Ahhhhhhh….the quivering lip. lol.

          • That is because Prince in racking up sales in the UK, Mr Recardo. Your body says it misses your tiny brain. McJackson slept with Liberace. lol.

  13. Poor Michael Jackson’s fan’s are up to it again poor poor losers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. Wack0 Jack0 used tissues a lot to dry his eyes when his career tanked because of his constant boy loving sleepovers. Too bad he couldn’t use them to wipe the diarrhea from his impacted can cavity. Maids claim Jackson pulled down his trousers and watered the floor. The clown’s slushy logs spun out with bits of pebbled corn chunks in the brown turd muffins. Ewwwwwwww…..what’s that stink?

    It’s Michael Jackson.

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