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  1. In 2018 they released a list with the best selling albums of all time in the UK

    Michael has 2 albums in the top 10

    Prince isnt on thatist

    No impact

  2. Hammy points out to check the charts of Michael McJackson’s clearance bin titles selling single digits on the bottom is proof of him selling billions in an era of decreasing music sales. Hey dipshit, Best Buy has stopped selling Michael McJackson and Walmart is not restocking their bins. Apparently, dumbo is trapped in the eighties. Michael McJackson can not even go gold nowadays, clown. Lol.

    • Michael hasnt left the uk charts in years.
      Has 2 albums on the billboard charts

      In 2016 michael was named the best selling artist of all time by billboard.

      Check for budget store albums.

      U cant beat an A artist with a B artist

      U dont have to die to go number one

      • McJackson fills the quarter and fifty cent bins at the loyal Salvation Army shops with everything from his worthless catalogue in the US. Of course, kids do not what to listen to the gay dancer. He is an embarrassment, especially his lust of B.O.Y love. That and the fact he crapped his trousers with his slushy logs and turd muffins. Lol.

  3. How can Michael McJackson sell a billion, when he can not even go platinum?

    Off with the spinning head, clown. You lose again. “Scream” was the biggest flop of 2017. It’s not on the charts anywhere, is it?


    • 52 albums of the family f.cker are not on the charts

      U can do better than this

      Come on

      Check billboard

  4. Again, hammy repeats the flat out lie that McJackson sold a billion albums, while automatically erasing 60 million from Prince’s tally. He also repeats the lie that Boy George told as if it is written in stone. If anyone smelt ass juice from other males, it was Michael McJackson.

    Liberace’s old ass juice dribbled out of the hot tub as Michael McJackson’s bobbling egg shaped skull came up for air.

    • Same old same old

      No.inspiration old fart

      Lol no.impact

      2 big flops no.number one
      Vaults stay closed
      Budget stores are waiting ha ha ha

      • Michael McJackson’s “Scream” is just like the biggest flop outside of the biggest flop of all time, “The Wiz” but hammy ignores the truth by wackin’ and slappin’ his big salami to the false Prince vault closings. Like Michael McJackson himself, you must believe in fairies and pixie dust. Again, you told us that “Prince 4Ever” would bomb and disappear off the charts. Oops….it is definitely still selling as it quickly awaits worldwide platinum certification. Yep, according to hammy’s talking bird voice, it is the same old, same old lies of Michael McJackson selling billions without even two posthumous platinum. Your brain is unhooked from its stem. The laughter echoes all over the globe.

        • Number one new zealand
          Top 10 in some countries

          Purple rain in the 80s went to number 2 in new zealand

          U always lose

  5. King Elvis once had both Tanya Tucker and Karen Carpenter backstage and it was suggested they have a threesome in 1975. Tanya was all for hopping in bed with the king, but Karen said NO.

    Oh well. The king lost out on Tanya and Karen.

    Nancy Sinatra was hot too, but her daddy wasn’t.

  6. Ahhhhhhh…..sniff… looks like hammy’s gay idol, Michael McJackson has taken a tumble for him. “Prince 4Ever” is holding steady at #44 and on the UK Update charts is currently hold at a very impressive #49.

    Meanwhile, Michael McJackson falls a whopping 23 notches from a laughable #54 to a lowly #77. Opps…. how much more can he fall?

    Bite down hard, clown. Hey hammy, do you sniff your brown finger after taking it out of your smelly can?

    Scream, hammy scream. lol.

    • Lol 2 albums on the billboard charts

      One number one album on the uk charts

      Every week in 2018 on the billboard and uk charts.

      Happy hooker loses again

    • Hey Red Lady i haved an war on Queen of music site with Cimmaron . Karen vs Nancy !
      Its Karen as MJ for Cimmaron ,and for me i seen Nancy as the Elvis you know what i mean .
      How seen you Karen Carpenter VS Nany Sinatra ? Greetings !!!

      • Greetings to you, TCB.

        The platinum coated “Prince 4Ever” CD makes up for all the cruel remarks and lies that Mr Recardo can muster. The gay loving turd apparently loves taking about ass juice. lol.

  7. Jack0 was smokin’ in the boys’ room
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    Now teacher don’t fill me up with your rules
    But everybody knows that Wack0 Jack0 ain’t allowed in school
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    Checkin’ out their balls, makin’ sure the coast is clear
    Lookin’ in the stalls, Michael Jackson’s in there
    Oh my buddy Frank and me and Paul
    To get caught with Michael Jackson would surely be the death of us all
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  8. Michael Jackson has been defeated and surpassed by modern pop acts like Eminem, Justin Bieber, Beyonce and Rihanna. lol.

  9. All of a sudden, in an instant, Michael Jackson got more than a thousand votes more than Elvis!?? – How ???

  10. Michael Jackson squirt his filthy diarrhea down his pencil thin legs. The odor of his gassy logs made his maids gag as they struggled to cover their noses and mouths with cloth. Jackson was a disgusting animal that used enemas to clean out his impacted poo canal. The scarecrow placed a dolly’s head deep into his gas hole and pretended to give birth, just like a woman.

    • Oh my….what a pig Michael Jackson was. He was called “the filthiest celebrity in Hollywood” by his hired help. The world continues to be thankful that he is DEAD.

  11. Andrei Gheorghe (born January 14, 1962, Lipeţk, Russia – Deceased March 19, 2018, Voluntari, Romania) was a radio and television broadcaster in Romania, producing documentary and short films. RIP. RIP Mr. Andrei Gheorghe! A great, clever a true revolutionary, intelligent, and the only one provocative, clever mind of the human mind for what it means to be alive, vivid. You, our great Andrei Gheorghe will remain as alive in our memory as an extraordinary man for ever! For radio and mass media and people like us is a great lost! We love you! I’m very troubled! RIP! You’ll never forgotten!

    Andrei Gheorghe (n. 14 ianuarie 1962, Lipețk, Rusia – d. 19 martie 2018, Voluntari, România) a fost un prezentator și realizator de emisiuni radio și televiziune din România, realizator de filme documentare și de scurt metraj. D-zeu sa te odihneasca in pace om extraordinar de curat, deschis, iubitor, cinstit , drept.. nu te vom uita niciodata!

    • Who?

      Romanians actually think the whole world loves the dead Michael Jackson because he once lip synced in concert in the land of Vlad, the impaler. Off with your dizzy head, clown. lol.

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