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  1. Elvis Presley
    The King Of The UK Charts
    2000 to 2018 The New Albums

    1. 50 Greatest Hits (2000)……#2
    2. 30 #1 Hits (2002)…..#1
    3. 2nd To None (2003)…..#4
    4. Love Elvis (2005)…..#8
    5. The King (2007)…..#1
    6. Elvis 75 (2010)……#8
    7. Nation’s Favorite Elvis Songs (2013)……#5
    8. If I Can Dream (2015)…….#1
    9. The Wonder Of You (2016)……#1
    10. Christmas With Elvis (2017)…….#6

  2. The best talent artist of the 80 s is PRINCE , he sings real in the microphone , not playback what MJ did , Prince is created his own style and sings with an rare and pure voice , its the magic of purple !!!

  3. Million

    Michael Jackson’s Thriller has become the first album in RIAA Gold & Platinum Program history to be certified 33x Diamond for United States sales and streams, it was announced by the Recording Industry of America (RIAA), the Estate of Michael Jackson, Epic Records and Legacy Recordings (the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment). Thriller is still the ONLY album ever to have surpassed the RIAA’s 30x million mark in U.S. sales.

    “Thirty five years later, Michael Jackson‘s ‘Thriller’ remains as timeless and iconic as ever,” said Cary Sherman, Chairman and CEO, Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). “‘Thriller’ has now become the first and only album to achieve an RIAA 33X Diamond Award, a moment forever etched in Gold & Platinum Program history. Congratulations on another ‘Thriller’ milestone.” The same day as Thriller‘s record-breaking certification, Michael Jackson’s Bad has also achieved RIAA 10x Diamond Award status in recognition of United States sales and streams of 10 million units.

    With sales now topping more than 105 million copies worldwide, Thriller has solidified its status as the best-selling album of all-time while Michael Jackson’s overall worldwide record sales exceed the 1 billion threshold. During his extraordinary career, Michael Jackson released 13 No.1 singles and became one of only a handful of artists to be inducted twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Guinness Book of World Records recognized Jackson as the Most Successful Entertainer of All Time and Thriller as the World’s Top-Selling Album of All Time. His artistry, choreography and music continue to inspire generations of pop, soul, R&B and hip-hop artists and fans.

    • Ha Ha Ha Ha is youre heart full off pain shel i come back again tell me dear are you lonesome tonight hahaha
      Lordy Lord …. The King of records = Always ELVIS !!!!

    • Old news.

      Adele, Queen, Oasis, Abba, Beatles, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd all sell more than Michael Jackson. Jackson has been officially beaten in the Guinness and his name was promptly removed.

      • Fake news didnt happen in a year
        The story is from 2017
        Copy and paste grom cheap shit doesnt work
        What has led zeppelin done in 2018 lol
        Ha ha clowns

  4. Michael Jackson diddled boys.

    The Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heat Club Band beats Jackson, Elvis and Prince. In other news, Sir Paul McCartney now owns the complete Beatles catalogue as the Jackson estate had sold its entire Sony stock a few years back. You freaks better get back to where you once belonged. Long Live The Beatles and Sir Paul. lol.

  5. Only in your warped little brain hammy.

    Actually, Michael McJackson holds the record for the most low charting failures., including “The Wiz Soundtrack” and the latest dud, “Scream.” Countless artists have surpassed the dead toady dancer that cried at a drop of a pin. Prince laughed as Michael Jackson screamed and held his plastic nose in his twisted hand. The pin ball stung Michael McJackson’s lama eyes as he blinked up tears. His gut wrenching wails made Prince burst out in endless laughter. The emperor later played bass in Michael McJackson’s butchered face and taunted him for not being talented enough to learn how to play even one lone musical instrument. Prince also laughed that McJackson would always have to pay Quincy Jones. The clown could not write or produce his own albums. Sorry, Prince Rodgers Nelson wins easily. You are just a crying little space clown.

    Oops…..hammy still ignores that the dead dancer’s biggest selling album, “Thrilla” has slipped from #1 to #3 to #6 in just a few short years as Queen, Abba, Beatles, Adele and Oasis are selling like wildfire. Lol.

    • The big 3 billion selling artist
      Michael Elvis Beatles

      The little 3 boy George . Prince , Sinead O.C
      Lees than 100 million sales

      • McJackson might have sold 250 million, and that would be the high end. Of course, you were told many times that McJackson fantasy and lies do not count as legit. That is why “Thrilla” is no longer the best selling album of all time. Your gay idol has been beaten, surpassed and taken out of the record books.

        Eye laugh. You should stop reading old news and fairy tales, Tinkerbell.

  6. Have you ever talked nice about anyone else other than the disgusting Michael McJackson?

    Did his eyes pop out of their sockets as his bobbling head was smacking up against Liberace’s flopping hairy belly?

    Oops….the old man’s head tilted back as Michael Jackson yelled out, “Beam Me Up, Scotty.”

    Prince made Michael McJackson’s last days a living nightmare. McJackson knew that Prince did not need Quincy Jones, could write his own songs, play multiple instruments in the studio and on stage, and did not lip sync like Milli Vanilli.

    • Prince didnt sell
      53 albums 19 didnt went gold
      Lots of albums never chartered
      Only one big selling album
      Lots of albums entered in the budget store

  7. If jou are not talking about the little man i will
    Its not gonna be nice

    Talk a* clown

  8. “The Tears Of A Space Clown”

    Of course, the following artists have so far beaten the dwindling sales of Michael McJackson’s “Thrilla” have now taken the lead in outstanding sales, pushing McJackson further and further down the list. However, gay hammy still brags for dead woodpecker. Lol.

    1. Queen Greatest Hits
    2. Abba Gold
    3. Beatles Sgt Pepper
    4. Adele 21
    5. Oasis What’s The Story Morning Glory

    All of the above have surpassed Michael McJackson’s one hit wonder “Thrilla” in sales.

    Dry your teardrops, you slobbering clown.

    • Only in the uk
      World wide not a chance
      Only artist with two records in the uk best selling album of all time

      Bring or on cheap shit

      Michael vs prince
      Lets battle

      Gimme some competition

  9. Actually, Michael McJackson’s sales are dwindling worldwide as “Thrilla” continues to drop down Billboard’s Best Selling lists. Of course, just last year, “Thrilla” was #3, now he has slipped down to an embarrassing #6 as other artists gain strong sales that push Michael McJackson further down. May the truth finally shine in your dead eyes. Michael McJackson was officially removed off the record books as Queen’s “Greatest Hits” tales its rightful spot at number one. It seems to me that hammy has just about run out of excuses, but will still try and sell old news as current events. As far as Prince is concerned, hammy just wants to cut him short because Prince accidentally hit Michael McJackson in the face with a ping pong ball and the clown screamed like a baby. The Emperor played bass in the clown’s face and McJackson started crying like a brain damaged toad. No surprise there.

    • Thriller number 6 in the uk
      Still number one in the world
      Only artist with 2 albums in the top 10 best selling albums of all time in the UK
      Thanks for ketting people read this post

      The vaults stay closed due to lack of sales poor prince

      • Michael McJackson has fallen down in the world and no longer has the best selling album of all time. Of course, hammy is stuck on old news. “Thrilla” used to be number in the UK, but it has slipped down to an embarrassing #6 as “Queen’s Greatest Hits” takes over the top spot. Oops….hammy’s gay idol has been surpassed by superior talent and huge full priced sales of artists that are not sold in clearance bins.

        The vaults are empty for Michael McJackson. That is why Sony hired Jason Malachi to finish the vocals.

        Prince’s “Prince 4Ever” is still on the charts, dumbo, Lol.

        • U totally lost it
          Love it
          Cheap s* please stay for a long time u r such an easy prey

  10. Yeah TCB, we can clearly see that the new Elvis soundtrack to the HBO doc, “The Searcher” debuts at #15 on the UK album charts on the Update, which is 62 whopping notches higher than Michael McJackson’s “Number 77’s.” Eye laugh.

    Elvis is still charting new titles of old previously released material at top dollar, while the dead woodpecker sinks like a bobbling dolly in the water like a slug sucking fishy.

    Prince is still on the charts with “Prince 4Ever” Hammy climbed it would disappear off the charts, but was obviously made to eat crow. Ahhhhhhhhh…..see the dribbling tears from hammy’s red, blood shot eyes?

  11. Red Lady how are you …. Elvis is constand in the news “”The Searcher “” We hopes for this year of this release will come out on dvd mabey ? PRINCE is an realy ELVIS fan !!! Purple was the colour of Elvis to on his clothes and his purple Caddilac !
    It was awsome if Prince sings a song of Purple Caddilac !!!

    • Michael McJackson is being beaten in more painful ways as the one hit wonder, “Thrilla” slips out of the top 5 in the UK as newer artists rack up millions in full priced sales. Ahhhhhhhh…..hammy’s quivering lip and sobbing from the gut. Lol.

      Michael McJackson has slipped farther down the list as his clearance bin sales dwindle to all time low levels.

      1. Greatest Hits Queen
      2. Gold Abba
      3. Sgt Pepper The Beatles
      4. 21 Adele
      5. What’s The Story, Morning Glory Oasis

      6. Thrilla michael mcJackson (lol)

      7. Dark Side Of The Moon Pink Floyd
      8. Brothers In Arms Dire Straits

      9. Sad michael mcjackson (lol)

      10. Greatest Hits II Queen

      • 2 albums in the top 10 best selling albums of all time
        Only artist with 2 albums
        He is the king.
        Thanks for your great post.
        Where is the dwarf

        • So you admit that you continue to lie when you claim the dead woodpecker is the biggest selling artist of all time?

          Both “Thrilla” and “Sad” are quickly slipping down the list, but hammy still wants to brag about old news. And mark my word, the dead Michael McJackson is old news, clown.

          Queen has the biggest selling album of all time. Hey hammy, do you grit your teeth when you see the pic of your gay idol with Lee Liberace’s fur coat that he stripped off to reveal his scrawny nude body to the old pianist?

          Rub a dub dud, 3 clowns in a tub. lol.

  12. “Queen’s Greatest Hits” is the best selling album of all time in Great Britain and is still being sold as a top priced item. Michael McJackson’s CD’s are all bottom bargain clearance bin selections that sit unsold worldwide. They ware so massed produced that retailers can not get rid of them all. Sales are low and Michael McJackson has not gone platinum since 2010 when Jason Malachi hit the top 40 with his queer as a bug duet with Akon, “Hold My Gland.”

    Sorry, no lie of a billion in sales is possible with only gold with the other dud, “Xscape.” Hey hammy, do you still dance in the buff to Michael McJackson or Jason Malachi?

  13. A brand new day Michael Jackson Diana Ross
    Went number one in Belgium and Holland.

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