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  1. `Elvis new Album ?
    “” Grey Hound “”
    Side A
    1. P**** Denn …
    2. More Cry daddy ….
    3. F* Tonight …
    4. Priscilla Hound ….
    5. Always more …. pills…. [ No More versie ]
    Side B
    6. Pink C*** …
    7. Burning my a** ….
    8. Crying in Graceland …..
    9. Thats Not Right ,…
    10. Blue suede feet … step more on my feet , [ And its very bleu …lol ]

    • An duet with Cliff and Libarace on the piano and sing all 3 “” Living Doll in b** “” lol .

  2. On stage on the piano was Libarace playing for Michael “” S* on the piano “”
    1. Oh Michael take me on the piano ….
    2. Michael who are you ? … an woodpecker or an Scarecrow ?
    3. Play on my stick round on a round ….
    4. Scotty is youre play doll … mj
    5. I used youre nose for my scotty s a* …lol
    Side B was not aviable , its to horroble !

  3. Michael McJackson
    Dangerous Toys For B* Tots

    Show me yours, and I’ll rip out mine
    Dangerous Toys
    P* contest (featuring R Kelly)
    Hollywood Bears
    Slip of the slobbering tongue (featuring Jason Malachi)
    Lip smackin’ Liberace
    Good vibrations (featuring The Beach Boys)
    Pinball Lizard (remix)
    Woodpecker stomp
    Hidee seek (featuring Cliff Richards)
    Egg of Robin Wood
    These skinny arms of mine (featuring Woody Alan)
    He’s takin’ morphine
    Eye of the needle
    If eye close my eyes forever (featuring Oxy Oxclone)

  4. When will make Cliff Richard his new Album ? We do hear nothing from his music today !

  5. MJ s new song ?
    Song ‘; “” New bird “”
    Take a better place , on my shoulder my loverly bird ….. and bite in my nose , and say lorre lorre ?
    What do you with my nose my loverly bird ? Lorre Lorre i bite in youre nose Michael … lorre
    * MJ sings; Bite ones again its better than my nose docktors did …. lorrre screams MJ toooooooo how do you do ?
    Take more morfine for my nose …. [ sings by MJ ]
    The parrot haved an very nice day ! Lorre

  6. Single of MJ is found in a dollhouse ?
    “” Dolly Lorre “”
    Side A
    1” I lost that doll in my h* …
    2. Teardrops in my doll nose ….
    Side B
    1. Lorre Lorre , my lorre was dead …. i am bad
    2. Dolly Lorre …. in my bed so wet .

  7. Another big album of MJ in making ..
    “” Me And The Tongue of Scotty “”
    Side A ;
    1. Libarace .. youre Scotty is with me in bed … who s bad ?
    2. Scotty .. youre tongue is red …
    3. Take me in the tree Libarace ?
    4. Red as my tongue … Scotty was here !
    5. In bed with the stick of scotty , he is so red ?
    Side B;
    6. My hair was on fire if i saw Libarace ?
    7. Stick in his tongue … lorre lorre lorre he said !
    8. Heal the red lipstick … i am lost in the lipstick store ? Help hiiii hia lorre .
    9. Stranger in bed ? uhhh Scotty ?
    10. Diapers in my cunt , its red ….. hi ha hole….

  8. “” MJ loves his red hoover “”
    Side A;
    1. Beat my foot …
    2. Lorre with my tongue …
    3. Libarace loves my lips …
    4. So red as my lips ….
    5. Bad guy .. is red ?
    Side B
    6. My Chimp hits my red tatoo lips !
    7. Dirty Libarace …
    8. She was me in the mirror … with red lips .
    9. Jump on my a* , and will be so red …
    10 . Moon red ….

  9. Michael McJackson
    Sloppy Seconds: The Covers Album

    You give love a bad name
    Let’s Hear It For The Boy
    I still haven’t found what I’m looking for
    That’s why they call it the blues
    Careless whisper
    Flash dance (what a feeling)
    Final countdown
    Betty Davis eyes
    The boys are back in town
    Send in the clowns
    Hit me with best shot
    Dancing in the street
    Under pressure

  10. 21 april went by with silence

    Not in the Us charts
    Leaving the UK chart fast

    tiny tiny u never had any impact

  11. Michael McJackson And Liberace
    Candlelight Romance

    Beam me up Scotty
    Lover’s wonderful kiss
    Splish Splash
    Diamonds are a boys best friend
    Dunkin’ under
    Put you head on my shoulder, whisper in my ear
    Piano beat box number 69
    Let my fingers do the talkin’
    Monster mash
    Rockin’ Robin
    The man in my life is just a boy
    Gollywog moon
    Swinging wands in the bubbles
    I’ll be there in your old man dreams
    Beauty sleep
    Candlelight romance
    Hot tub hop
    Scream with Scotty and Liberace
    Milk the toad, feed the road

  12. New posthumous Michael McJackson album by devil Sony.

    Michael McJackson
    Big Boys Get Dumped

    Yong tongue
    Pretty boy Loyd
    No adult swim
    Undies off !!!
    Morphine needle
    Play with my rod (featuring Cliff Richard)
    Mr Tickle
    Nude pics
    Don’t follow that ferry man
    Big b*** get dumped
    G* (featuring Cliff Richard)

    Bonus tracks:
    Beat box vol 45
    Boy wood in Hollywood
    Peter Cotton’s tail

  13. Het Red Lady do you know that story of “Billy The Kid “” , no not about music but he was an Gun fighter a bad guy !
    But he has the same face exactly as my face !!!!!! Wow !!!! An dubble me ? Yes he looks likes as a twin ?
    Mabey was he me 150 years ago as an recrenation ?
    King TCB alias Billy The Kid ! Wow !!!

  14. Today i sing in my truck onley Elvis songs .
    Now i am home , i listen “” I m All Shook Up “”

  15. Always was MJ an clown from the song ABC to Heal the World , Heal the World uhhhhh the earth was worser then MJ sings that song .
    Destroyed The World was a better place . If MJ used that title lol.
    And he jumps as an frog off his Climbing tree and screams as an falling crow fro out his tree .
    Goodby My This was very S* , this is it .

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