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  1. Elvis easily wins album of the ages with his classic first album, “Elvis Presley.” Congrats to Elvis fans for defeating last year’s winner, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”


    The Eagles “Greatest Hits” has surpassed “Thriller” to take the new crown as the best selling album of all time in 2018.

  2. The “” How Great Thou Art “” Album and “” His Hand in Mine “” Albums from ELVIS are the best Albums made in history !
    Thank You very Much ?

  3. tiny midget prince and pelvis can not hold a candle to KING Michael. You fools better bow your heads in shame. Shut your filthy mouths!

  4. cheating for michael jackson. the death day came and went. not many care anymore. forgotten michael?

  5. A bunch of old 80’s Michael Jackson 45rpm records were found at the Salvation Army today, just sitting there collecting dust. Absolutely no one wants Wack0, nor click richard recordings. Obviously, there is a whole lotta cheating going on for those 2 accused * lovers. Long live the greatest band in the world, Queen. “We Are The Champions.”

  6. Oh d***head wako freak stop cheating you peasent !! Pathetic make any wonder the world despises you lot

  7. Liberace and his lover had a threesome with Michael Jackson?

    Always suspected Jacko was queer and a b** lover like Cliff Richards.

  8. Libarace when he was older and met Michael jackson and he haved an date !
    Michael is on the race with Scotty and Libarce hi ha ho !
    aaaarrrggg scream MJ ? huh where came that sound from ?
    1. In the Car “” 3 donuts MJ scotty Libarace .
    2. MJ screams under the piano , when Libarace was playing on the piano ?
    3. Was Scotty and Libarace on the race with Michael in the dressing room ?

  9. Hey an picture with Libarace on the guitar and Elvis on the piano .
    They haved fun in the dressing room on video , Libarace and Elvis on the race , rocks !!!
    Mabey haved Libarace ask Elvis for an date after the jam session – dressing room ?
    What for date ? ooooppsss Elvis said to Libarace , No i loves girls onley , i am sorry Libarace ?
    Mabey will Cliff Richard an date with you ? lol

    • Liberace was too old for Clifford. Even Scotty was too old. Click wanted em’ young, drunk and d*** soakin’ wet.

      Michael and Click shared a “living” boy d*** at room 666.

  10. prince has left the uk charts

    Michael 2 album billboard
    Michael 1 album uk chart

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