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  1. Scream for the vindication of Michael Jackson. Hang in there, hon. The world awaits your return. Liars are liars, but LOVE is eternal.

    Prince died a midget and a hopeless puppet, a one hit wonder with purple stain. “Women beaters are cowards.” —Michael Jackson.

  2. Long live the greatest, Michael Jackson. Midgets die in elevators. Derogatory comments towards MJ will be met with fire and fury. You fools bend over. The chickens have come to roost. Apologize to Michael Jackson fans for spreading your vicious hate. Michael Jackson rules. Buy your music, you owe Michael Jackson. Pay the man, you stupid granny and grumps.

    • What have they done to the sweet man called Michael?

      He was viciously murdered by your hateful words. Ban the tabloids. You hurtful people with your nasty lies will pay. The Michael Jackson estate must sue for your slanderous propaganda against our KING, Michael Jackson. Love is all there is. Shame on you jealous cowards. How dare you !!!

  3. Knowledge is essential in protecting yourselves against toads like Michael De McJackson.

    Stay away from selfish clowns like the sick, dirty dancer, kiddies. He would have wanted your little bodies and souls. However, he is long dead and apparently can not sell with any of his recent Sony driven posthumous CD’s. Michael McJackson’s “Scream” gone from the charts in only 6 short weeks. Of course, Benjamin Barker wants to change the subject. “Scream” is Michael McJackson’s poorest selling album yet. Scream, hammy scream. Do you rock yourself to sleep at night as your wet tears stain your pillow?

    Eye love being a musical expert and eye love kicking soiled can. Eye win, you lose.

      • Dirty fantasies that Michael McJackson lived out by prying his victims with alcohol and having his way with their little bodies. The gay dancer spoke on camera and admitted sleeping with his little male friends, BB. Eye laugh. You have no knowledge of real music in your empty brain. Of course, like the dead clown himself, you are the same way, aren’t cha, sweetcakes?

        • stay with the Kidney scraper , pee and poop
          thats where your knowledge is

          stay away from music

          • Unfortunately, Michael De McJackson stayed away from music and never learned how to play any musical instrument, except for skin flute of Sum Yong Guy. He liked his hot wings tender and juicy. The special sauce dribbling from his disgusting mouth as his probing tongue searched for illegal pleasures of the flesh. Eye have knowledge that your woodpecker hero was a fraud, a thief and a clown. Of course, all people with brains know what the dead perv did to his countless victims beyond the walls of his Neverland love liar. Do you enjoy making whoopee with one eye open and throbbing electricity going through your tiny little mind?

  4. 1 Album on UK chart
    0 Albums Billboard 200
    0 Albums on the Australian charts
    0 Albums on vinyl charts

    Number 54 best seller, 5 years in a row.

    Michael McJackson’s paper crown was given to him at Burger King. You have no musical knowledge, Sweetpea. Do you walk the streets of London, looking for gay street corner love?

    How precious, it is little boy blue and the flaming pansy, hand to heart. lol.

    • stick with the Taco warmer and the anal obsession
      leave the music to the experts

      • Obviously, you are an expert in nude ballroom dancing to the ferocious mouth to mouth popping beat of painted clown, Michael De McJackson.

        Sorry Benjamin Barker, repeating delusional brain scan does not count as expert commentary.

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