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  1. There is no way that Humperdink jumped ahead of Elvis that fast. Even with the sock in his pants, he wasn’t that good

  2. I an still finding it hard to understand how Cliff is beating Elvis in the singers award I have been voting since 1962 and Elvis always came out number 0ne so where are you Elvis fans come and vote for the worlds number one.

  3. Desde España apoyamos a la reina DONNA SUMMER muchas personas. Antes de escribir tonterías infórmate, Donna tiene muchas fans en Europa. Reina si que eres tu la trampoza

  4. The Elvis vote is genuine as can be judged by previous years results. Queen are very popular at present due to the film and many releases. Cliff Richard votes have come from nowhere in the past year. Donna Summer and Joan Jett just do not have the fan base to garner such large voting trends. Ask most people and they will not have heard of Joan Jett. Likewise Donna Summer has not had a hit for years and rarely makes personal appearances these days apart from Las Vegas.

    • How little you know!!!! Donna Summer died back in 2012, and since has had all her albums digitally remastered as well as an album of remixed songs, she has also had a numerous songs in the dance charts on a regular basis since 2012 plus a number 1 hit on the Dance charts, also “Summer” the musical, story of Donna Summer has just left Broadway and is now touring various states of America and is soon to open in the West End in London. So I think Donna must have a large fan base , sorry please know the facts

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