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  2. Libarace when he was older and met Michael jackson and he haved an date !
    Michael is on the race with Scotty and Libarce hi ha ho !
    aaaarrrggg scream MJ ? huh where came that sound from ?
    1. In the Car “” 3 donuts MJ scotty Libarace .
    2. MJ screams under the piano , when Libarace was playing on the piano ?
    3. Was Scotty and Libarace on the race with Michael in the dressing room ?

  3. Hey an picture with Libarace on the guitar and Elvis on the piano .
    They haved fun in the dressing room on video , Libarace and Elvis on the race , rocks !!!
    Mabey haved Libarace ask Elvis for an date after the jam session – dressing room ?
    What for date ? ooooppsss Elvis said to Libarace , No i loves girls onley , i am sorry Libarace ?
    Mabey will Cliff Richard an date with you ? lol

    • Liberace was too old for Clifford. Even Scotty was too old. Click wanted em’ young, drunk and dunked soakin’ wet.

      Michael and Click shared a “living” boy dolly at room 666.

  4. prince has left the uk charts

    Michael 2 album billboard
    Michael 1 album uk chart

  5. `Elvis new Album ?
    “” Grey Hound “”
    Side A
    1. P**** Denn …
    2. More Cry daddy ….
    3. F* Tonight …
    4. Priscilla Hound ….
    5. Always more …. pills…. [ No More versie ]
    Side B
    6. Pink C*** …
    7. Burning my a** ….
    8. Crying in Graceland …..
    9. Thats Not Right ,…
    10. Blue suede feet … step more on my feet , [ And its very bleu …lol ]

    • An duet with Cliff and Libarace on the piano and sing all 3 “” Living Doll in bed “” lol .

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