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  1. Hey hammy, do you dance nude in the mirror to impersonators, Ernest Valentino or Jason Malachi?

    Ahhhhhhh….Sony can find anymore completed vocals of unreleased Michael Jackson, so a clone will have to do. Do you smell your own disgusting feces like Michael, or do you use a commode like the rest of us humans?

  2. Hobby of Michael Jackson !
    “” For the fans “”
    1. Driving in my toy cars in my garden ?
    2. Playing with my Barbie s and my dollhouse ?
    3.Climbing in my tree ?
    4. Every year an new nose ?
    5. Sleeping with children in MJs bed ?
    6. Hit and hurts his animals ?
    7. Used Lisa s fame for his saved carriere ?
    8. Dance as an girly ballerina ?
    9. Dressed as an girly in his diapers ?
    10 . He moves every minutes his head as an chicken ? Chicky hicky Chicky hicky Chick tok tok tok hii shii ?

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