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  1. Thirty-one years after Michael Jackson gifted us with the world’s greatest music video, the zombies of “Thriller” are looking to rise from the dead again.

    John Landis — who helmed the 14-minute clip back in 1983 — recently announced that the “Thriller” music video will be getting the 3D treatment in 2015. “It is going to reappear in a highly polished and three-dimensional way that is very exciting on the big screen,” Landis told New York Daily News.

    Behind the Scenes of the Michael Jackson Hologram at Billboard Music Awards

    Landis’ lengthy legal battle with Michael Jackson’s estate kept the idea of a revamped “Thriller” in limbo for years. But now that the dispute is over, Landis wants to bring it to theaters and Blu-ray in the near future.

    “Thriller” redux won’t be MJ’s first 3D movie. Back in 1986, Michael Jackson starred in Captain EO, a sci-fi musical directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by George Lucas that played in Disney’s Epcot center. Fingers crossed that 17-minute mind trip is coming to Blu-ray soon, too.

    • 31 years ago was 1986, dummy. The “Thriller” video was made in 1983. Your brain is sizzling. It was a video, and an over rated one at that. They are basically forcing people to watch it like those annoying previews before the feature presentation. Unlike the Oscar winning “Purple Rain” blockbuster, “Thriller” was played for free on MTV. So hilarious. Hey hammy, are you going to make it to Forest Lawn for the 8th anniversary of Michael McJackson’s embarrassing nude murder?

      “Captain EQ” was laughable. Do you still watch “Barney” or “Pee Wee’S Big Playhouse?”

      Oops….hammy is still experiencing his terrible twos.

    • Haven’t you heard?

      The hologram was no other than a clone by the name, Ernest Valentino. Big screen, small screen….it still can not be sold with a paying ticket. Hey hammy, do you dance to Michael McJackson in the raw, or do you keep your under roos on?

  2. Michael McJackson
    Golden Opportunities

    Boy, That Was Close
    Mesereau Boogie
    Can’t Escape
    Experienced Clown
    Duck, Duck Goose
    The Boys Behind The Walls
    I leprechaun
    II little lover
    III dancing on thin ice
    My Sister’s Inverted Nips
    Charlie’s Chaplin’s Boys
    Little Susie (her dress was torn)

  3. Ahhhhh….more silent treatment from gay hammy. Hey clone, do you know how to do the two step like your gay idol, Michael McJackson?

  4. Ahhhhhhh….hammy is the mystery man. Did Uncle Charlie call you when Teddy smacked his face in a ferocious cat fight?

    Oops, Michael McJackson’s “Number 82’s” fell another whopping 15 notches down from last week as The Beatles “Sgt Pepper” only dropped to #7, and the father of rock’s Chuck Berry’s last album debuts at #9. Lol.

    Is your twisted mouth tongue tied, Mystery man?

    Slap that wig on your egg shaped head and meet Uncle Charlie at the pub for a tall cool one.

  5. In an embarrassing loss for Michael McJackson, The Beatles are still high on the charts with the “Sgt Pepper” album, #4 in the US, #2 in the UK. In contrast, “The Essential Michael McJackson” dropped a whopping 9 notches from a lowly #56 to a laughable #65. On the other side of the pond, “Number 67’s” fell sharply a whopping 16 notches from just last week. Ahhhhhhh….hammy does not want to show his tear stained red face ’cause he knows that I am kicking his sore little can. Hey hammy, does your basement hideaway have heavy steel doors like McJackson had behind the soiled walls of his wicked Neverland love cave?

  6. Only THE FIRST ELVIS album. Not my favorite but I’ve been voting. Hello to all the EP fans of Great Britain.

  7. Where is hammy?

    Ahhhhhhh… need to buy another dolly at the dolly shop. Hello Dolly!

    Does it have blond hair like that Home Alone kid, Mac Culkin?

  8. Ahhhhh….hammy is giving little ole me the silent treatment. Cover those eyes, and cup those ugly ears. Hey hammy, did you know docs were taking tissue from Michael McJackson’s earlobes to build up the hole in the middle of his nasty mug?

  9. New Album of Justin and MJ
    “” Duet the 2 clowns “”
    Side A :
    1. Take more Girls….
    2. Take more Kids ….
    3. Baby Baby Baby ….. MJ sings only …Baby over the Balkcony Jump Jump Hinging ! hiiiisiiiiiihiii
    4. I Justin sitting in a tree ….
    5 . Hii Hii I MJ is Climbing in my tree …
    Side B :
    6. I Justin used Girly s
    7. I MJ used Boy s …..
    8. Justin is in my ass ….Hiii Hiiii Hiii ,… I am MJ the girl …
    9. Bad So Bad as Justin Beaver !!!
    10 . Spinnig around as two girly s …. Clowns !

  10. U can see at the comments that she accepted her loss.
    Easy win

    Three in a row

    My job is done

    • Justin bieber is more an puppet clown as the same what Michael Jackcy off ball , !!!!!!
      MJ and Justin seen as the two pinocio s without balls !!!!!!

    • I’m back. Did you miss me, hammy?

      It is only in your empty brain that you win anything. You still want to count chickens before they hatch. Prince’s extended “Purple Rain” is coming soon. What are you going to do when it goes #1?

      Oops, eye see you ignore The Beatles currently kicking Michael De McJackson’s sore little can. Ahhhhhh…..the tears. Do you lay in the dark and cry about your sad and lonely life as you cuddle with your l* b* d* like Michael McJackson?

  11. The timid little fairy danced like a ballerina, his tinkle toes curled up during hibernation. Its suction cup mouth sucking on the blood of his young and helpless victims. Fairy Michael’s organs and fluids were removed and preserved in glass, jars then frozen.

  12. She covers herself in s*
    Sticks fingers up her a*
    M* to dead bodies
    P* and poo is her life

    Oh my god a nipple


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